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gosm modification

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Maybe some of you can help me. I have been using my GOSM for a year now. I've had great results. I am thinking about a new mod to deal with ash build up in my pan. Right now I am using a cake pan to put chunks and lump in. I do get quite a bit of ash build up and this slows the smoke. What I'm thinking about is a 2 tray system. I would stack the trays. The top tray I want to cut out the bottom and replace with some of that heavy metal mesh (thinking about the stuff that many of you use-not grates but like a diamond mesh). The bottom tray should catch the ash. I'm thinking I can easily lift out the top tray holding the wood, and dump the ash out. What do you think? I know I am over thinking this but I love doing these mods. Also where can I pick up that diamond mesh? I don't need much.
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It's called expanded metal and I just bought some at Home Depot. It was located where they keep the angle iron and raw metal. Sounds like you got a plan. It's important to keep those ashes fallin away from the fire. Makes for a hotter fire.
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I found this down at the local Wal-Mart. I had to re-adjust the handle on the charcoal pan, otherwise it fits great and the ash falls thru to the pan below.

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