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Weekend Butt Smoke W/ Qview

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Well I had to clean out my shop this weekend so I figured, why not smoke something while I am at it. So that thought started me on my way to pulled pork. Rubbed with mustard and Jeff's Rub.

Had a 9# Boston Butt

Rubbed, Wrapped and ready to sit overnight

Getting "Old Faithful" Fired up

Going in the smoke

Off the Pit and out of the cooler, Ready to Pull

And finally Pulled

I didn't get any plated pics. I made this for a little pool party we had at my dads house on Sunday and forgot to take the camera with us
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Nice job BBQman. Looks great,
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Looks great! smile.gif
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Yum! That is another great excuse for firing up the smoker (as if we needed one!) I have to clean the shop so I'm going to fire the smoker!
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Looks really good txbbqman!
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Real nice job on the butt...PP lookin tasty!
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Looks tasty! Nice pics.

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Looks excellent! Bet it was tasty too! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job, yum.
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Looks great!!!
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Very nice indeed. You put some pretty big splits in that OK Joe, I'm going try some bigger logs in the Horizon next time. BTW what size are the splits?
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I cut my splits between 20" and 24" , it takes them a few minutes to get going and get some good thin blue but once they get going it's easy to maintain the temps.
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