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Butt and Turds Today - 1st try

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Got an almost 8lb Boston Butt on the smoker as I type, been on since 8AM. I slathered it in yellow mustard and rub (made up out of my head, hope it's a good one) and wrapped it in saran last night. This morning I added a bit more rub and placed it in the smoker. It's been rolling pretty steady at 250 degrees, got the thin blue smoke rolling. Using lump and cherry.

Will throw on some ABTs in a bit. Can't wait, it smells delish already!
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Sounds like a good start so far Don't forget the Qview.
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Second that - Lets see some pic's when its done!
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>>>Butt and Turds Today - 1st try <<<

i love the SMF! on any other forum, that would be a rather perverted topic title!
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Yeah it gave me a little chuckle when I posted it.

The butt is wrapped in foil and in the oven resting a bit. The turds are beginning to look yummy on the grill and I added a pan of beans next to them. Got lazy so just dumped them from the can to the pan, dusted with garlic powder and a sprinkle or two of red pepper flakes.

I will post q-views a bit later. Going to take a pic before shred and after.
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Cherry wood is my favorite for butts, and it sounds as if all is going well with the smoke. Hope to see some pics (you'll be gently reminded until we see some PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif )!
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Ok here are some pics.

These are the ABTs in progress:

Here is the butt as I am shredding it:

Here is a plate of smoked yumminess, ready to devour. Pork was moist and delicious. Nice smoke ring and yummy bark. At the halfway point, I had basted it with a little pineapple juice (because I had a can in the pantry) mixed with a 1/2 tsp of ground coriander. The cherry wood was a great choice. Next time I'll make some slaw to go with.

Thanks for all the tips that I learned here. This was a success!! Everyone loved it. We are ruined now for BBQ from local restaurants, ours is much better.
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That looks great!
I love using pineapple juice, gives it a nice bark.
Congrats on a successful smoke and points for some nice Qview.
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Looks like it all turned out great!
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Well done. Looks like your family and friends enjoyed that meal. Nice job.
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Great job for your first try!!! Way to go! Looks like an excellent meal.


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Good looking meal there!
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