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turkey temps??

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what is the highest temp I can cook my turkey at? I want the skin to stay crisp and still get a good smoke flavor. the only other thing that will be in the smoker is some wings.
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I always smoke my turkey's at 300 - 325 F and get awesome crispy skin and all the smoke I want. Never use a water pan for them either. Here's a pic of one I made last month or so using cherry wood, and smoked at 325F-

Hope your smoke turns out well, and don't forget to take pics!
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I do turnkeys in that same 300° - 325° range to. Fair mount a bird ta get goin an they er always great. Love smoked turkey.

If ya find yall got some left, make up some turkey salad sammies, man them er good!
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how do you make that there turkey salad??
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Chop some leftover smoked turkey, add in some miracle whip till nice an creamy, a bit a ground pepper an some celery stalk ifin ya like that, maybe just a bit a chopped onion.

Some good bread an a fine sammie fer sure!
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Thanks for the help guys. I did the 300-325 and it turnd out really good. Sorry no pics to share. I was about 1/2 way into the smoke when my prob thermomiter went out on mePDT_Armataz_01_19.gif So I had to run up to the target and buy a new one. Dose anyone know if a bad prob would make it read off temp? I got a new one but its not the same so I could not test my theroy.
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