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All Natural Ribeye Smoked And Seared W/Qview

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That what the package says. I asked the butcher what that meant and all he said was they were grain fed, hmm.

Not a bad price and I picked the best out of about 10.

Nice marbleing, should be good.

Prob in the muscle.

More to come.
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Ron, that price is unreal. Here in the middle of BEEF country ours is $8.99/lb. Eat up!!
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My favorite cut of steak...Can't wait to see the finished version!
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Tick............................. Tock...............................
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I will provide the finished pics when the camera is recharged, thanks for watching.
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Looks good, Ron. When they go on sale for that price around here, I always buy the whole roast and slice it into steaks to my liking.
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Here are the finished pics.

Out of the smoker at 115'.

Yoshidas soy, garlic, and lemon pepper.

This thing really flared up.

Wow, damned near burned myself trying to turn it, never had one get so hot.

Ready for cutting.

Plenty juicy. A little more done than I wanted it for me. Only seared for 2 minutes per side, usually 3 -4. Carol thought it was really good and tender, so I guess I'll get a few more for that price. I think all that marbeling is what caused the massive flare up. Next time I will keep the temp on the grill lower.

Thanks for watching.
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that's a nice looking steak there ron.
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dang nice ron, like usual!!!points.gif
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Looks great ron. You should by stock in Yoshidas. LOL
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Looks fantastic . . . all that juice!

Is there a specific reason that you put the prob in the muscle? Does it cook more slowly or quickly than the 'meat' itself?

Great pics!

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The muscle is the meat, not the fat or bone. You will get inacurate readings in the fat or bone. The ribeye has a nice muscle which is all meat.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Ron. That does help!

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Yep, that is a pretty good buy...I've seen them in places around here for between 9 and 12 bucks/lb...unreal!

Those steaks sure will flare-up after smoking. I guess it's the slow smoke which starts to break-down the fat...then, hit it with some high heat and watch the show! It gets really interesting over charcoal! LOL!!!!!!

Lookin' good, Ron!

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