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Wings, ABTs & some more chicken

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Got the smoke vault back up and running. With all the wing posts going on I decided to do some wings along w/ a few ABTs and then some breasts and thighs to shred up for lunches during the week. Smoked them with hickory w/ a few pieces of lump thrown in. Smoked right around 240* or so for 3.5 hours and then goosed them in the oven to reach 165* and to crisp the skin. I tossed the wings & chicken in a peach mustard bbq sauce that I found on foodnetwork. Was a good sauce but next time I'll do the traditional hot wing sauce for the wings. But on the other chicken, will be very good in a sammy. Here are some pics:

I washed the wings down w/ a few miller chills. Thats a pretty good beer actually!! Oh and I didn't eat all these wings; had about 6.

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Some nice looking wing and ABT's there Mark. Question though when you wrap them with bacon (I like the bacon) do the jalapinos stay hard inside the bacon it's like they don't cook and soften ?
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Looks like the MES was a full sucker when you smoked all that stuff! Nice looking meal!
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Thats some right crispy looking chicken right there. Makes me wanna fire the grill up right now.
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Thanks ya'll. It was a good meal. As for the ABTs mballi, when you slow smoke them for 3 hours the jalaps soften up while the bacon crisps up. So when you bite into one there is no crunch (like raw veggie) to the jalapeno. Very good.
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Great looking smoke, Mark! Nothing better than chicken and japs.
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