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MY FIRST Smoke. Qview. 56k, dry up and blow away..

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of June that is..biggrin.gif

Hey gang, got a buncha hungry mouths comin over and here is my smoke, in progress. Got 2 butts weighing in at about 16 lbs, a pizza fatty and Dutchs beans on the go. Looking at 20-25 people, weather holding up. Got the smoke rollin around midnight, butts are foiled and in a cooler, got the beans and fatty started as I type. More to follow.. stay tuned

Butts ready to get their rub on

Rubbed with mustard and dry rub

Smokin after midnight

One about ready to foil

Here we are, meat at 200, falling apart, awaiting transplant to some foil, then into the cooler for a few hours

Pizza fatty

I got 1 lb ea of ground beef and hot sausage, par froze to ease in rolling.
Takin my time

End of the line, and holdin on by a string, and outta bacon
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looks VERY nice.
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looking really good, porky!
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Great looking start. I noticed the price on your picnic is that standard? I'm on the opposite corner of the state and our average .99 to a buck 30 a pound. $1.99 a pound is crazy to me. Just curious and looking forward to the finish line biggrin.gif
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That's some mighty fine looking butts there. Are you going to slice it or pull it. Hope all your guest enjoy the fattie too.
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Looks like a great smoke is ahead of ya! Please show some pics when it's all done so we can drool some more ...
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That looks awesome! I don't want to see anymore :)
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Looks good so far. I wanna see that pizza fattie cut!
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your pulled pork will be the hit of the party - Well maybe the fatty might beat it! looks great!
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Good looking pork smoke there. Nice job
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Good looking smoke. Thanks for the pics.
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Heres the end of the line, not much to show.

Butts been in the cooler for several hours, just waiting on the beans and the fatty.

I usually get me meat from a local butcher, so I have nothing to compare it as far as the gocery store's pricing. But in general, I find prices on many things are higher over here.

Didn't get a cut pic, as I was too busy getting everything ready. This was just prior to serving.

Heres the pork. Fatty was the first to go, and yes after explaining what it is, people were more than happy to give it a go. The beans were the next to go, with the pork being the only thing with anything left over. All in all, pretty good turn out from the smoker, the crowd and the weather.

Thanks again for watching.
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Hey, I think you stole my pic of the pulled pork, from the other day!icon_lol.gif
Only kidding, looks great, everything looks great. Good job.
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Shhhhhhhhhh. Now everyone will know about the stock photosbiggrin.gif
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Man that looks great!
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Wow!! looks like your pulled pork hit pay dirt. Great jobbiggrin.gif
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Great lookin Q-view Mr Porky!!
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xlent smoke porky!!! awesome looking butts dude!!!points.gif
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Looks amazing - great job!!!
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I bet it was mighty tasty - Great job! Love your qview!
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