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Roast beef....

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Has anyone done a smoked roast beef (for beef samichs)????

Looking for ideas on meat cut used, wood flavors used, spices and time smoked/cooked.

Thanks y'all.............icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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did one a few weeks ago(back in May), search under the beef topice for my results(I dont know how to link it).

I used mesquite, eye of round(rubbed with Montreal seasoning), took it to 140 pulled it let it rest, and totally cool, then put it in the fridge, and sliced it the net day. turned out great
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Here's an idea for you~ made an excellent roast back in April with a Caribbean/Asian mix rub. I called it the caribbean/asian fusion meltdown. I wanted a nice flavor mix that was kicked up a notch and this was it. Came out fantastic and will share the recipe if you want. Originally ate it with potatoes, gravy etc...but the leftovers made great sammies. I'd cook it med-rare for just sammies.

Here's the link, and has pictures.


Hope this helps!
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I've done a few roast specially because we have a slicer now. The rub I use used to be butt rub it's good but here lately I found an old aby rub It's great with alittle kick to it. I smoke at 230 to 240 on my GOSM till 165 or so foil and take it to 195 or 200 then put it in the cooler for about 30 to 60 minute. then eat or save it for later and the slicer. Thats how I do it these two guy above are the real pros so listen to them I did.
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