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Crackling Skin

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Can anyone tell me the way to get the skin on a Pork Shoulder Crunchy/ Crackled? I have smoked pork shoulders before but I cannot get the skin to be crunchy.icon_lol.gif
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Not tried and true, but a suggestion ...

Hmmm ... the low and slow method used to cook the shoulder won't get you what you're looking for. My only suggestion to get the skin crispy is to cook the fat at a high temp. Have you thought about trimming some of the fat off the shoulder, rubbing it down, and throwing it on a grill to get the cracklings? That way, you can smoke the meat and create the cracklings on the side?
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You'll never get the skin crunky in the smoker. Like sumo says cut off some skin and throw it on the grill or your fire box.
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Thanks for your suggestion.
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Trim fat with some meat attached. Deep fat fry it. I had a guy here send me a batch from Louisiana and its was delicious.
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Could you take the the shoulder from the smoker to a HOT grill and finish the skin? Thought I would try that with some chicken.

Disclaimer - I know next to nothing about smoking.
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Well I was going to say just take the whole thing and drop it in a deep fryer for a bit but Wayside gave you some better advice, though I would like to see how a smoked then deep fried shoulder would come out.
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Mmmmmm....I love those cracklin's!!!
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I make cracklins from my belly fat-and deep fry is just another step.
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