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Hello from NC

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I live about 10 minutes outside of Lexington, NC so of course I've grown up on smoked pork bbq. I've been smoking various meats since I could walk, but came across this place when I was searching for a reverse flow design for a trailer I am building to take tailgating this fall. I've been reading for a few months, but finally decided to join a week or so ago. This forum is far and away the best place I've found after scouring the internet for smoking ideas and suggestions.

Most of my experience has come from direct heating from coals with permanent cinder block pits, but I've also done some vertical smoking with a Brinkman smoker. I'm a member of my local volunteer fire department, and twice a year we hold a BBQ Chicken fundraiser, normally cooking anywhere from 650-800 chickens.

My first build from scratch is a 5.5ft by 30" reverse flow smoker with a 20" diameter, 30" tall offset firebox that will be mounted on a 8ft by 14ft trailer (formerly a tag along camper). I'm hoping to have everything done by this fall for college football season. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have some pics coming to show the progress.
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Glad you found us and decided to stop in for a while. icon_lol.gif Besides having great ideas for smoked goodies, there are some members with mad welding skills that have started, and completed, their own smoker projects ranging from UDS to reverse flows. Pics of your progress would be neat to view!

Looking forward to your future posts and qvue!
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard.
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Hello Tsywake, welcome to the SMF. Glad to have another member from NC!
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Welcome tsywake. Glad you joined up.
I lived in NC for a few years a while back and besides the humidity in the Summer I loved it.
You're gonna love this site. Good folks, good food and beautiful Qviews.
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Welcome to SMF. I have a 48 Lang mobile that is reverse flow. If I can be of any help let me know. Lots of Lang owners here. Welcome Again!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you decided to join us.
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Welcome Tsywake to SMF!
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Welcome to SMF from another Tar Heeluion. It's all good here. Hope you enjoy it and happy smokes.
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