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Brisket $$$

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I just paid $4/lb for brisket here in New Orleans. Whole Foods wanted $5/lb and a mom & pop place wanted $4.79/lb.

I thought brisket was supposed to be cheap?!?!

What do you all pay?
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Geez, come up to Alexandria, I can get them a lot of times for .99/pound
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Highway robbery

WOW!...icon_eek.gif I just payed $1.89/lb. tuesday at wally world.
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That's a pretty steep price for some brisket ... out of curiosity, are they organic cuts of beef??? That's the only reason I'd think for them to be that pricey.

I'm not as lucky as Cajun with the $0.99/lb hunks up there, but have found them between $2.50/lb and $3/lb.
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Jiminy, dude.....that's highway robbery. I balk at $1.89 / Lb around here. I miss the $1. 39 /Lb days.

At that price I'd skip the brisket and go for PPB and use the balance for beer.

Or, you could throw in a couple dollars and eat perfect steaks on the grill.
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I think I paid $1.78 per pound here at Sam's Club. I've got a 17 pounder in the freezer just waiting.
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Was it a small piece, all trimmed up? The more work they put into it, the more it costs.

Don't know what Brisket costs here. When I get an itch for smoked beef, I throw on a Chucky.
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I know exactly how you feel Gaga.
And all of you with your cheap briskets, you know how lucky you are? Very.
If our local places even have brisket they are outrageously priced.
I checked on some today and they are $4.49lb and that is about average.
Guess that's the price I pay where almost nobody smokes meat, damn shame too because if only these people knew how great it is.
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Never really thought about that. Thanks for opening up my eyes, FiU. From now on, no more complainin' about $1.89 briskys, I promise!
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Was that a packer cut? I can take a ride to Walmart and get Packer cuts for $1.89 every day. Flats and points are $4 a pound almost everywhere.
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I was just at the store here and they had 'em for $4.99 a pound. No thanks.

But I did score two 10 lb bags of chicken leg quarters for $3.89 per bag. 20 pounds of chicken for less than $8.00. That's a good score.
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Same here across the river - I pay at least $4 these days - so sad...
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There's the problem! "They" do know how great it is, so therefore that's the justification for the outrageous prices.
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Here in Fla. our local grocery stores like Publix routinely sell small cuts of flats for over $4/lb. They even have large uncut flats and packer type briskets that they sell for around the same price. I now go to Wallyworld for brisket which is usually $1.89/lb. Sure you have some waste but it's still so much cheaper.
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Yeah Wally World here has them for $1.89 and my local Sams I bought one last week for $3.39 lb. Better quality of meat at Sams??
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It was a 8 lb. flat. And yes, it was trimmed. The selection was not great. It was either the 8 lb flat or the 19 lb packer!

I'd happily pay 1/2 the price and trim it myself!
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I gave 2.24 for already trimmed brisket flats. I like the flats cause no trimming or waste.
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Around $ 2.89 lb here, I wait till they go on sale for $1.49 then pick up a few. Once they had them for.99 cents lb. Stocked up then.
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Sam's in my area carries select (sometimes choice) whole packers for 1.78/pnd on a regular basis.

I try to buy mine at the super target across the street where their regular price is 1.09/pnd for Choice Whole Packer cuts. Bad thing is that they only stock them during the summer.
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