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Anybody going to Indiana events?

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I am going to two events in August. The Madison Ribberfest and The Bean in Bean blossom. I am competing in the amature portion of both these events. I was hoping that some of you Indiana guys would be attending so i could check out your set up so I can try the pro events next year at these events.
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Can you post the dates? I live in Indy and would love to go to both, if just for the day. Competition is something I really want to get into anyway and this will be a good start.
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Ribberfest in Madison is August 21-22 Bean Blossom is The next weekend.
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Good deal. I'm going to create another post with all the Indiana comps in here. Looks like we're getting a lot of us Hoosiers. I've been looking for this for awhile anyway.
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