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15lbs of pastrami over 3 days

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Recently I was browsing the meat section and found a great deal at Pathmark.
$.99lb corned beef so you know what that means...pastrami time!

Picked up 5 briskets weighing 14.73lbs, so not 15 but close enough.

I didn't even know Nathan's made corned beef until recently.

The Nathan's had 1870mg sodium and the other only 660mg so I soaked the Nathan's overnight changing the water out once and the next morning added the others for 6 hours.

I decided I would try 3 different ways of complete cooking to see which I liked the best. Instead of explaining them now I'll just go in order and describe the method as the pics progress.

Rubbed with 3 different rubs.
One was nothing more than coriander and black pepper that I toasted, cooled and ground up.

I did 2 with that rub, 2 with a rub consisting of coriander, paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar and kosher salt. The I did one with the seasoning packet that came with it.

Threw them on the smoker over hickory at 225.

About an hour in I began spritzing with apple juice every 45 minutes to an hour.

2 hours in.

Once they hit 150 I pulled 3 of them off.
The packet spice rubbed one and one each of the others.

Steamed the packet rubbed for 3 hours and cooled and wrapped the other 2 and into the fridge till tomorrow.

It was alright but still a bit tough for my liking.

Almost forgot to mention, the other 2 on the smoker were brought to 180, cooled and into the fridge for a day.

So the next day I grabbed the 2 that were brought to 150 and pulled, steamed them for a good 2-2 1/2 hours
(sorry about the few bad pics)

It was juicy and delicious, not fall apart tender but thin sliced would have been excellent.

So the next day I take the remaining 2 that I brought up to 180, steamed them for 2-2 1/2 hours and sliced up.

It just fell apart, melt in your mouth pastrami goodness.
It was a good experiment and I couldn't tell you which I liked the most, the 2 at 150 pull or the 2 at 180, guess it all depends on your preference on pastrami texture but they were both great.

Once it gets cold I am going to try a method I read about where you cold smoke a corned beef for 5 hours, hot smoke it for 5 more hours and then wrap and smoke another 5 hours. Best to do it when it is cold outside since you want the cold temp to be around 60 degrees.

Had plenty of pastrami so I gave some away to family members, some trimmed a bit because some people think even black pepper is a bit too spicy...

Thanks for checking out my long post, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did smoking and eating it.
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Looks good nice job!!
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Wow that looks increadible and iam not a huge fan of pastrami but that might change my mind
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Good reviews man. Me personally I think the key is thin shaved meat will always eat good so far as toughness.
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$0.99 a pound?!?! I hate you guys LOL.

I'll send you the money and you send me the brisket. I just paid $3.99 a pound here.

Those look awesome man. Points for all the experimentation and for being willing to do all that. Good job outta you!

I LOVE corned beef brisket.
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That's some excellent looking pastrami! Thanks for sharing.
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Man-O-man they look delicious. excellent job Fire!!!!
I really got to try the steam reheat method sometime, thanks for sharing the Q-view.
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FIU, those look amazing. Great job as usual. I like it melt in your mouth tender and that last photo looks spot on. Excellent job slicing
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Man that looks good! Nice bark!
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Great job

love the experimenting you did. i have a navel plate going on tomorrow. cut it into 3 parts so it would cure more easily in my fridge. covered now in coriander and pepper only. might smoke them to different temps like you did.
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I'll be very interested in the cold smoke/hot smoke/wrap experiment or the 5-5-5. Just remember the safety zone for time and temp although there should be enough salt in there to kill anything and keep them from coming back.
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Great looking pastrami - I'll take some at the .99 cents a lb. also!
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Cool those steamed ones came out awesome looking! Man I could go for a grilled sandwich with that nice job!
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Fire that looks like it came out perfecto .... if ya havent packed it all up yet try some of this for breakfast
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Looks freaking awesome. Enjoy biggrin.gif
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Congrats, hard work pays off.
Plenty of sammies? I ate all most all of mine in the first 3 days! Itis hard to stay out of the fridge when pastrami is in the box.
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