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Few briskets and a rack of ribs

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Well folks I decided to have a going away party because im going to be starting grad school in a few days. So any way I decided to PACK my smoker and see what she would do. So I rubbed down the briskets and ribs last night and loaded them up at 5am.

Mmmm smoke

Few hours in

Everything loaded

Welp im about to cut into it all! Hope you enjoyed!
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sawheat show us the plate please
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I sure enjoyed it though I'm sure not as much as you did.
You weren't lying when you said you were gonna load the smoker up. Great job on everything, hope we get some sliced pics.
So you going away to grad school? Hopefully you can take the smoker with you.
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Sweet looking smoke.

Good luck at school. Be sure to check in from time to time. What are you gonna do for Q?
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I like seeing a full smoker. That's some great looking brisket. Thanks for the Qview.
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Nice feast and nice Q-view
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Thanks guys! The smoker is mine and is definitely coming with me where ever I go.

Sorry, for once I let you guys down and did not get sliced pics but rest assured it was just as juicy as every pics of brisket and the ribs were to die for! I did a 3-1.75-.75 on them and I was happy. The pork loin turned out a little dry.. They had been in the fridge for a very long time. My parents got them out with intentions to cook them and never got around to it. Im not an expert but I think them being un-thawed for such a long period may have led to them turning out a bit dry, they still had a great taste and were raved about, but they seemed dry to me. While everything else I had in there was very tender full of moisture.

And yes my little 30" MES was pretty darn full, I really don't think I can do much more over a 9lb brisket because I could barely fit them on the rack. As well as the ribs. I did have to smash them together a bit, but they all ended up fitting.

And as stated this will be with me at school so I will be checking in quite regularly and I will keep you all updated as to what two college kids can come up with to smoke and eat!
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