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Tagging for a later date.  Busy in the garden at the moment.

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I make Billbo's rub and sauce quite often and it is delicious! Just finished making another batch of his sauce and canned it this afternoon. I use 250ml wide mouth mason jars and with his recipe quantities I end up with 7 and a half jars ready to rock at a moments notice! I omit the jalapeño since, otherwise the kick is just a bit over the top for my wife and one of my twins. Other than that it's great 😄


Second time smoking ribs...didn't over smoke them this time 😕
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I've always meant to make this rub recipe, but forgot about it.
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Is the sauce something you can do in a slow cooker (after the initial sauteing of the onions, green peppers, and garlic of course)?

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Hmmmm, maybe on the "warm" setting? I have an induction cooktop so I can set it low enough that it doesn't stick/burn to the bottom of the pan...but I also set a timer for every 20min so I can stir it. I too am now curious about this. I use my slow cooker a lot and it still gets pretty hot which may be too much for the sauce if it's not stirred constantly anyway, so it would seem like extra dishes for nothing if that's the case?

Love the avatar, Gopher 😜
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Am I reading correctly? 4 cups of olive oil? Seems like a ton... Can't wait to make this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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Originally Posted by worm304 View Post

Am I reading correctly? 4 cups of olive oil? Seems like a ton... Can't wait to make this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Nope, you are not 😜
It's one quarter of a cup...but delicious none the less! 😋

Just finished a double batch for canning two weekends ago, can't make enough of the stuff. The whole family loves it, especially combined with Billbo's dry rub.
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Haha!!! Thanks!! I copied it over to the notes section in my iPhone and when trying to highlight it all I must have missed the "1/" portion so it was showing 4 cups!!! Good thing i cook enough to think that was odd and ask.. Although I could have checked the post again.... That would have been some awful sauce!
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Lmao! That would have been something else, I'm sure it would loosen up the plumbing! 😧
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Ok, I did notice that the jalapeño wasn't mentioned in the cooking directions, but I am assuming it's when the onion and green pepper are being sautéed?
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Oh yeah, never noticed that. I believe the first batch I ever did I sautéed them as well but have since omitted it to tone it down a notch. Whatever you do wear a glove when sautéing with jalapeños or use a long spoon...never sautéed with them before and I paid the price. The steam carries the capsaicin in the pepper and it gets in your pores and stings like an S.O.B. Chopping a few peppers is no big deal, but when it's concentrated during the cooking process it's not pleasant!
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Thanks!! I did make the mistake of chopping and handeling a few while making chilli and I paid for it!!! I don't cook with jalp often... I'm going to do half of the one I bought.., I'm not a huge fan of heat in sauce.
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I've been using Billbo's rub for quite a while and love it. Yesterday I went all in and took the time to make his BBQ sauce. Wow! Great Stuff! It gets better after sitting a day. Can't imagine how good it'll be when my ribs finish later tonight.
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Gonna make this tomorrow for pulled pork (smoking a butt) on Sunday! Thanks for the recipe!
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This looks great. Going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing
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Made this great sauce about a week ago, I'll probably cut back on the amount of onion and green pepper I used as it was a little chunky for my taste... Or I'll just mince a little finer... My question would be, if I want the sauce a little thinner would you just simmer for a shorter period of time? Anything I could add to accomplish that? Water? Don't want to sacrifice flavor.. Thanks!
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I had intended to use my immersion blender and puree the sauce when done. However, I loved the slightly chunky/hearty texture. Never blended it and glad I didn't.
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I threw some sauce in the magic bullet with a little water to see what would happen... It was just the consistency I was looking for and had the same great flavor profile! It was what you would expect to pour from a store bought sauce..
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I ran across Billbo's recipes recently when looking around this site, and I made the rub this past weekend.  It tastes wonderful!!  I can't wait to try it on some meat.  Thanks, Billbo, for sharing, and I hope to be able to try the sauce soon. 

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