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Daughter's Birthday

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Hi everyone! Sorry I havnt posted in a long time...But I'm back with another question. I'm smoking a bunch of stuff for my daughters birthday this saturday. This is my first time smoking a brisket, my question is do I place that fat side down like you do with a pork shoulder? I'm assuming yes, but just wanted to make sure. Anyways, the menu is...a brisket, a pork shoulder, a pork loin and Dutch's baked beans! Really excited to try my first brisket and Dutch's baked beans! Q-view to come...took some pics of seasoning tonight, getting ready to smoke friday after work into saturday. I'll be chattin with you all soon!
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I always do fat cap up. Have tried both ways and prefer it this way.
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i do mine up also..
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As previously stated, I also do mine fat up.
And a Happy Birthday to your Daughter as well.
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I'll be the one biggrin.gif I do mine fat cap down. I like the bark better when the cap is down
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I'm with you fellers! biggrin.gif

I do mine fat cap up, after experimenting a lot doing it the other way too.

Sounds like a greatmeal, keep us posted with pics!
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sorry piney I a cap up kind of guy. Cann't wait for the Q
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I'm with them. I always do cap up.
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Although I do butts cap up I ALWAYS do briskets, especially flats, cap down. I'm with Jerry on this one. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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