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Alittle smoke for nephews graduation party last weekend

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11 boston butts. 70+ pounds worth!,
the most that has been on my smoker at one time----she was full!!!!!!! I dont believe i could've put a hamburger on there!
Smaller ones came off in a little over 10 hours, the biggest was on 13 hours. Twas good eats. fed about 40+ people and still had plenty. Everyone raved on the flavor (it did turn out to be my best smoke yet!). A few ladies wanted the recipe, then when i told them the first ingredient was 13 hours, they said never mind! But it was sooooo good! Served up with a big ole pot of Dutch's baked beans-it don't get no better than that! Here's the pic after only about 7 hours, i would have taken the finished pic, but it was dark-thirty when they were done

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BE-A-UTIFUL! Your smoker sure was full of beautiful looking butts. Any more pics? Congratulations on the gigantic smoke!
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Just a before pix

I wish i couldve gotten more pix, but it was dark when i got finished, then we had to let them cool and pull them--we were beat.
but i'm glad it's over!
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Wow Lightfoot.
A "little" smoke, huh? Those things look mighty fine, excellent looking grub.
You have one lucky nephew.
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Very impressive indeed, nice work.
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awesome looking load of pork Lightfoot. Nice looking smoker too! Butts love company, and always taste better when you do at least 6-8 at a time!
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Good Lord..... what a mess of butt!
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that is one happy looking smoker.
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wow, they look great. Nice work
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Very nice

That looks tooooooo good..
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That's a lotta butt! Wasn't it great to have a full smoker going? They look great.
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Is that a reverse flow rig?? Looks like from the picture that the firebox is on the lower left. Good looking load of butts!
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Lightfoot-Great post! Points to you my man! How many batches of them beans did you end up making?
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yes, it is a reverse flow. built it last fall with some help from a friend and his welder. It's made from two air compressor tanks.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

And it cooks like a dream. I think i need a bigger one! (i've actually been keeping my eye out for tanks for a bigger one).

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Them beans were a huge (i mean huge) hit Dutch!!. Everytime i fix'em, i get nothing but compliments. Thanks again for the recipe. If anyone here has not fixed Dutch's beans yet-you aint lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just did one batch Dutch, (Three of the cafeteria sized cans)!!!
Cooked them in a big deep turkey pan-in the oven. I just adjusted your recipe to fit the amount of beans i had. I wish i had room to put them on the smoker, cause i do like that smoke flavor in them,(thus-the need for a bigger smoker) but i had about a pound of chopped pulled pork from the last smoke that i put in the beans. Trust me, there were no complaints!!! YOU DA MAN!
Points to you on the beans again!

thanks again,
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Bob, that looks great. And thanks for all the help.
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youre welcome pal. i've been watching your build in the other thread, man that thing looks sweet!
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Nice looking setup and nice looking butts!
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Thanks. I cooked the chickens on it last weekend and they were great. I will be doing some ribs and maybe some sausage tomorrow. I'll post pictures.
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Man that looks like a BIG fire box for that size tank. I bet you could get a larger upper tank and still be in good shape. I am trying to do some work on my reverse flow now. Want to put a better suspension underneath it and redo the work shelf / cutting board on the side. I'll send some pics when it is finished. Thanks again!
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