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what to do?

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hi folks,
just bought a new braunfels sfb smoker off of craigslist for $60 . bottom of the sfb and main body was full of yuky rusty mud. so i shoveled that out and dryed it out. i am in the process of getting all the rust out that i can. my question is when i get to bare metal should i paint the inside with high temp paint or spray it with cooking oil or just start smoking. sorry for no pictures have not figured that out yet. cooking space is 18" x 36" it has little platform on top of the fire box . the wheels seem way to small for its weight. does any body have an idea what model this may be ? thanks for any info.
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I would just leave it at bare metal and go to smoking. High temp paint will eventually disappear anyway, and may even impart some noxious stuff into your food. I would do whatever you have to do to prevent the same thing from happening again. Sounds like ash was left in it, then snow drifted in.
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Be sure to spray it with cooking spray or rub it with crisco before you fire it up to re-season those areas. Probably would do the whole inside if it were me.
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Yup. Don't paint the inside, just oil it well and reseason thoroughly.
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thanks guys!

thanks for the info guys, apreciated !!
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