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WSG 18" vs 22"

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I'm just wondering if anyone can say how much food items (mixed or matched items) they can put in either one of these per smoke.

I dont do huge amounts of food, maybe 4 fatties max, or 2-3 butts, or 2 briskets, or 3-4 rib racks max at a time.

I'm trying to figure out if going for the bigger one is worth it.

For example on my Bradley, although its a 4 rack, the height of the food could deligate whether or not I could do 2-3 butts, as 1 butt might take up 2 racks height. I would also have to rotate the racks to even out the cooking (top racks would cook slower, bottom racks might cook too fast.)

Thanks for the input.
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You can basicaly do twice as much with 22 inch.The one i have used is a fuel HOG compared to 18 inch.If you do big cooks the 22 is enormous and for you..You can easily cook 6 10 pound butts at one time.

I have done on a 18 inch: 4 ten pound butts,2 12 pound briskets, or 8 racks of ribs in holders.The 18 inch is way more economical on fuel costs.

I like both myself.icon_redface.gif
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Awesome thanks! I always want to buy the "bigger" one but probably the 18" would do until I perhapse one day I graduate to something ever bigger.

I always wanted to build an in ground bbq pit, I'd probably need a house first tho. :D
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