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Oregon howdy

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Hello all,

My name is Chris aka Dreamer, Dreamchaser, or C-Dubb. I will answer to any of them.

I live in North East Oregon, the dry sagebrush side. I am an avid outdoors man, hunter, griller, smoker, and dutch oven cook. I have been smokin things since I was bout 14. Mom and dad never liked to do it, but loved smoked goods. SO DID I. So I started with basic fish. Since I have done most everything including duck goose and wild turkey. I even tried hard boiled eggs. (would suggest cold smokin)

I hope to learn lots from ya'll and share my knowledge as much as I can.

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Welcome to SMF Chris...we're glad ta have ya here!
Looking forward to your input and Q-view!!
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Welcome to the family Chris, glad to have you
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Welcome to SMF, Chris. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome from a fellow Oregonian!! I am down in the southern part of the state here in Medford.
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Welcome! Glad to have you here.
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Howdy! I actually lived in Hermiston, OR for about 8 months (15 years ago). You anywhere near there? Watermelons! Welcome to SMF.
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As a native Oregonian myself welcome C-Dubb to the SMF - Glad to have you on board!
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Wow, small world. That is exactly where I am.
Go Bulldogs

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Welcome Dreamer, sounds like you've got lots of experience, can't wait to read some of your shared recipes/smokes.
How did the hardboiled eggs come out?
My brother asked me the other day if it could be done, I told him I know people have tried but wasn't sure how good, would be interesting to say the least.
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Welcome to SMF look forward to hearinfg about your smokes.
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Welcome, glad ya came in!!
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Well, the eggs dried out quick. They kinda turned rubbery. I will try a cold smoke next time. The recipe I saw said only to leave them in for about 10 min. I think even that was too long

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