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Wine barrel wood?

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My wife came across some wood that apparently is busted up wine barrels? It was at K-mart of all places and pretty cheap. Of course, she didn't pick it up for me PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif Anyway, before I waste time and meat, thought I'd ask if anybody has used this and what the flavor is like?
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Most wine and whiskey barrels are made from oak. Usually white oak. Charred on the inside.

If it's good enough for Silver Oak, it's good enough for me.

Give it a try!
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Don't get me wrong, it will work just fine. But, I wouldn't go tearing into good barrels just for the wood. Personally, I can't tell any taste difference when using the barrel wood over a good seasoned oak split.
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If the price is right then absolutely grab some.
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I think Jack Daniels even sells whiskey barrell wood for smoking, or charcoal from same.
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If you are after the essence of wine in you BBQ, take a swig before you cut off the next rib! The wood is fine for smoking, but will not add an appreciable "flavor" to your next butt, or that brisket. If you can get the wood cheaply, go for it, as it will be good solid oak. Just my $.02.
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icon_lol.gif Yeah, I put some older red wine in the water pan on my last smoke and can't say it did too much to the flavor. I think I'll give this stuff a try though, as I don't have any oak right now and my wife said it was really cheap. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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I live out by a a ton of wineries and at the end of the season they sell whole barrels for $25. I have bought them in the past for the wood (they make cool tables too if you throw a piece of glass on top) and although it doesnt do much for the flavor its still a bargin.
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I have used those before, you don't get any whiskey flavor at all. It's all in the marketing!
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