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Order Wood?

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Here in South Dakota, as I am sure many other places as well, we are stuck to using what is available in our area. Here is South Dakota that means a lot of apple and hickory (because thats what they sell in the store) maybe every once in a while you will run into someone who might have an oak tree or what not but not very often. So I am curious how some of you get ahold of more "exotic" woods to smoke with? Do you order it? I would love to try some sugar maple but up here we don't get any of that at all and I love the taste of pecan but that is impossible to to find.

If you do order it from somewhere, where do you go and how much are you paying?
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In opinion you don't need exotic woods. If you have hickory and apple you got it made. Hickory is the #1 wood.
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I just ordered some wood chunks from . Arrives today so I can't tell yo umuch more than they seem to have a large variety and the prices were cheaper than some of the other places I checked. Which is why I ordered it there. I can't wait to try the bourbon barrel chunks on brisket this weekend.
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I have ordered from and been very happy with them.

Also you might try

Good luck.

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You are right I don't NEED it but I would like to try other things and see how it flavors.
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Here is another option, but looks like they might prefer larger orders:

A phone call might provide more answers than I can.

As to your SD comment, about 10 years ago a buddy of mine from Rapid City was in the area and we were at a golf outing. Out of the blue, he yaps, "Holy $%#@&%$#, That's Oak"! He was looking at a decorative split rail fence. I didn't know what to say other than, "look around, every tree you see is an oak tree". Take all you want!
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