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Smoked red peppers

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Had a few red bell peppers around. Since they were looking a bit old I wanted to do something quickly. Tossed them in the smoker at 225 and smoked with hickory and pecan. Pulled them after a couple of hours.

These smoked peppers can be used for many things. We've had them in a breakfast fritatta. Added them to soups and topped a paella with them. Would also make a good pepper spread ground up and cooked on low for a few hours to concentrate the flavors.
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Reds are my favorite of the bells. I also think they are compatible with many other foods.
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NIce job scubadoo97.I have been smoking my red japs and paprika,then de-hydrating for awhile and love them in rubs.I have a roaster for my joe parker green chiles i grow and that creates a wonderful flavor as well.I think i will smoke some of my italian sweet roasters(Carmen) and see if they are anything like your description-would be nice addition-Thanks for post.
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My wife and I love to make salsa with smoked peppers.
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