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No Foil on next set of ribs...your opinions

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OK..next set of pork ribs I will do the No-Foil thing. I'm planning to smoke at about 230-240. I think total time will be 5 hours. I'm planning to watch for the 1/4" pullback, then I will begin to apply a spritzing of my rub disolved in a mixture of cranberry juice/water, every 1/2 hour or so. I'm thinking the pullback will occur at the 2.5 or 3 hour mark. So the remaining two hours should be dedicated to 2 1/2 hours of spritzing and 1/2 hour of applyng a mop? Do you think its workable? Anything to watch for?
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I don't always foil, more of a mood thing for me now, unless i'm holding them for a couple hours, then i always foil. Sounds like you have a plan there, let us know how it works out for you.
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no foil

I did some last week without foil and they came out great. I sprayed with apple juice every hour and smoked with hickory pellets at 225-230 all night (was a long one) My son's class already ordered more for next year.
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No foil guy here too. I don't spritz or mop. I try to keep my smoker door shut and only open when I need to add some chips in real quick. I go about 6 hours for spares and will sauce them about 30-45 minutes before I remove them from the smoker.
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I don't foil. I used to spritz the ribs with apple juice. What I have done the last few times was to cook with the concave side up. I get a little pool of juice that seems to keep the ribs moist. I will do some ribs this coming weekend I'll take pictures.
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My kids like to fall off the bone but they are young. The foiling with accomplish this for you. I prefer to pull it off. I foil and then firm back up by unfoiling or leave my ribs out of the foil.
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I prefer to also bite the meat off, but sometimes I like them to fall off. If I want that then I foil them.
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Personally I don't foil anymore but I do spritz.

I think you have a great plan for your next set of ribs, should be darn tasty.
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foil,, never did,, Spritz sometimes,, sometimes not
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Never foiled before Sunday. Here is my thread. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=77515 I also discuss this. I liked the foil method for the tenderness but usually like to chomp into the ribs, I think its a personal choice or how lazy you may be.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I never foil, spritz or mop ribs... I rub them right as they go on the pit and don't pull 'em of until they pass the bend test. Sometimes I will glaze them right as they come off the pit, some times I don't

These were glazed the moment I took 'em off. Sorry for the size of the pic.
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Hey James,
Those are some sweet looking ribs!!! At what temp do you smoke em at?
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Thanks OPD! I normally have the pit running at ~235°.
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Wow alot of non foilers. I like it biggrin.gif

I start spritzing 2 to 2 1/2 hrs into the smoke, every hr on the hr till done. Unless I decide on saucing then the last hr or so is sauced.
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I started out foiling but always go un-foiled now. I start spraying with apple juice/booze about 2 hours in and do it every hour after that. I like to sauce them with about 45 minutes left.
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I'm a foil convert!

You've got a good plan...I'd go with it.

I never used to foil/mop/spray anything in the past, but I always wet-smoked. I have started to put ribs into a covered steam pan with a brasing liquid for the past 6 or 8 months...wife, kids and friends like the tenderness it can produce. I'm kind of getting hooked on it myself. I foil alot more now.

It's a preference thing. Having a change in your smokes sometimes can really bring out what you/yours like the best. I have done some smokes that I secretly changed up a couple things like the rub blend, or some other technique that I never faltered from before. The results have been pleasantly surprising. I would get comments like "hey, what did you do to these? They're really good".

Point being this: you'll never now what you like the best until you try something new or different. Play around with things and you'll find out.

Happy smokin' OPD!

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It depends on how I'm feeling any more. I'm doing ribs this weekend sans foil.
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I normally foil my ribs for an hour to hour and a half, then unfoil and cook for another hour. I have a smoke tonight where I am doing a few racks of spare ribs. Think I am going all non-foil tonight with a spritz.
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My last few batches of BB ribs, I have smoked for 3 hours(no spray, no mop,), and then foiled for 30 minutes with apple juice, honey, and a few other things. They have been the best I have ever done, nice tug, but tender as well.

I may do some spares this weekend adjusting the time accordingly.
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No foil, no spritz, no mop, no sauce, but there are ribs... Only time I foil is if I am coolering them after the cook.
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