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Whole boneless ribeye question.

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I've searched on here and found several threads about smoking a steak but none about doing a whole ribeye. I've done them in the past on a smoker with minimal temp control and they were med. rare in about 3.5 to 4 hours. Now that I've built a large horizontal offset wood burner I'd like to try one on a really slow cook for at least 12 hours. I'm open to any and all suggestions/tips. Will it be more tender if I leave it on all the way to medium?

There's such a wealth of information here I figured I'd try to tap into it. biggrin.gif
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there have been a few here done, i know grothe pulled off a good one and capt dan has done a few. here is a link to the last one i did which i thought turned out pretty well... go for it, they not a bad smoke, just watch temps and you be fine, take to internal temp of 130-135 deg for med rare.
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I can't say 12 hours would be good. I pull mine at 130' for rare at 225'.

If you cook at a lower temp your meat may be in the danger zone too long, 40' -140'. I personally don't see the need for a longer smoke.

Here is a link to the last one I did.

Maybe someone else has another idea.
Good luck!
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Was gonna suggest you checked with ronp but guess now I don't have to.
The man knows his rib eye and has smoked many a nice steak.
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Thanks man.
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I agree with Ron on this one. I wouldn't smoke it any lower that 225o and when it reaches the proper interal temp (130o-140o) then pull it. when its done its done.
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I cant add anything , Ron knows his Rib!
you can sear it first if you want a little crisp on it.
200-225* until you get the internal you want. personally I wouldnt take
it past 135* good eatin for sure
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Low and slow is great for tough meat with lots of connective tissue. A boneless rib-eye roast is a tender cut of meat that lacks the connective tissue.

So what are you looking for in smoking this roast. I would want the ability to get a nice evenly cooked roast that is pink from edge to edge with a nice crust and great flavor. So think about your goals and work toward that. Maybe a quick sear on the grill followed by a lower temp smoke to get the internal around 135 in under 4 hours for safety reasons.
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Thanks for the advice guys. The main reason I was thinking a longer smoke was to get a little more smoke flavor but going to the wood burner will take care of that I guess. The other cooker I was using didn't have a temp guage. All you could do was set it as slow as possible and let it rip but I still think it was too hot. Its been about a year since I did one so I don't remember the exact temp we pulled it at. It was good but I felt it could have been better. Have you guys ever tried injecting them with anything or do you just cook it with the outer seasonings?
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Why fool with that incredible flavor of the meat? If you want more smoke taste, use mesquite or hickory.

Make a drip pan with some aujus and sliced onions below, and believe me you won't need an injection.

Good luck.
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Thanks for posting that question. Hubby just came home with a 16 lb piece of beef that says Ribeye Steak Boneless Choice Delmonico that was on sale for $4.99 a lb. Now I know what I'm going to do with it. biggrin.gif Most of it will go in the freezer, but some if it will be dinner tomorrow.
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thanks for posting that question I just bought a whole rib eye myself and was thinking of doing about smoking it all but one it's almost 20lbs and then it's 100.00 Maybe I'll try a 1/4 of it on the first try. I have done a chuck and individal steaks. Thanks ron I'll give your way a try Q to follow. Hey dawn let me know how yours comes out.
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