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Smoked Bone In Ribeye W/Qview

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I think there was a question about smoking steaks last week.

I forgot about posting this Saturday.

This is one of my favorite ways for steak.

I smoked at 150' to internal of 115 - 120' with hickory and mesquite.

On the Weber gas for 3 min on each side, rubbed with evoo and garlic and lemon pepper. Perfect. I didn't even have to micro for carol. icon_lol.gificon_redface.gif

Hashbrowns with some cheese on top, nothing special, but sure was good eating.
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Great looking steak ron. Way to go.
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If u lived closer i'd be over in a flash. Rib eye and smoke. It doesn't get much better. Unless u had some Wayside beef. LOL. Nice job Ron!
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I'm not sure how you could have a better meal than that right there! My fav cut of steak (the smoke has got to be amazing!), and crispy cheese hash browns . . . WOW!icon_biggrin.gif

One question Ron - do you sear before or after the smoke?

Thanks for posting!

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Ron, that looks tasty!! Smoked ribeye has to be one of my favorites!
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Nice looking steak. Those hashbrowns look darn good too
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I agree, rib eye is my absolute favorite cut of steak. Then you go and do something so beautiful with it, it just doesn't get much better.
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I smoke it to 120' and then sear on the grill to the desired doneness. Usually 3 minutes per side for rare.
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Bone-in ribeye has to be the best overall cut around, and you did an excellent job smoking it Ron~ Real nice dinner with the hashbrowns and all. Meat & potatoes....sometimes the only way to go!
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That is one fine ( my favorite) hunk of meat there Ron. I might add you did a fabulous job smoking. I personnally have never smoked I have always grilled them but with a freezer full of steaks two will just have to hit the smoker. Dang I like this Place.
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