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Brisket Philly Cheesesteaks

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This was too good not to post and since we don't have a "Leftovers" place (hint, hint) I will post it here.

I had some leftover pulled brisket from Memorial Day weekend so we made philly cheesesteaks.

Sauteed some onion and some orange & red bell peppers

Added a bunch of pulled brisket

Topped it with some cream cheese and provolone cheese and piled it into a bun

Good stuff!
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Awesome sammie WU!! Nice job.
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Yum! That looks delicious.

I'll be in Philly later this week. Might have to get a cheesesteak now. icon_lol.gif
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Well I'm hungry now! Good idea!
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Wow. I just ate the rest of my leftover ribs from yesterday. And now you've made me hungry again. The cream cheese on there sounds really good.
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Sweet! I love the taste of beef with peppers and onions.

Thanks for sharing.
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Mmmmmm.... Nice job Adam!!cool.gif
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That looks great wutang.
Living not far from Philly it may not be quite "traditional" but I sure would stop and order something like that in a second!
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Great looking san'wich! Never thought about putting cream cheese on one but now you've made me want to try. It's three-fourty-five AM and now I'm starving for a philly cheesesteak and Ruffles chips!!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Nice! I like the idea of a leftover thread too.
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I like the leftovers thread idea too - there's so much you can do with leftover smoked meat. Those cheesesteaks look spectacular. I was trying to think of what to do with some leftover london broil I had from the weekend - now I KNOW what I will be doing with it. Thanks Wu!
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Thanks everyone, I know it isn't quite a "traditional" Philly but it was awfully good. I didn't used to like the cream cheese but my wife LOVES the stuff. I gotta say it is good that way.
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your version of a Philly looks great.

I have made them @ home using leftover london broil.

When I used to work @ a hole in the wall Philly Steak joint we used ribeye which we would trim, and freeze chunks of, and then slice paper thin.
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Great lookin sammie wutang...brisket is much better than steakums!!!
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LOL. I haven't had steakums in years.
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Looking good....Another one for the to do list
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While that IS a cheesesteak, and while it DOES look absolutely FANTASTIC, it is NOT a Philly cheesesteak, its just a cheesesteak. lol. Sorry, not dissing that meal in anyway. Looks so good, I would pay to eat one of those. Great job!!!!

A Philly cheesesteak (tradionally) has either American cheese, or cheese whiz cheedar cheese. Some will say they have provolone, but thats not a philly cheesesteak either then. :) A Philly cheesesteak is ALL about 3 things, the roll, the meat and the cheese.

Anyway, I guess i just wrote 2 paragraphs about semantics. Thats the Italian in me that likes to debate I guess.

But one final time, awesome job, that looks like one incredible sandwhich. :)
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That looks awesome!
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Super good looking.
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Attention Moderators

I concur that a "leftover" thread could be an interesting idea. I know that a good part of my smoking is basically for one meal with the family then I try and freeze a bunch of it for leftovers. I just pulled out a pound or so of the butt I did last weekend to make sandwiches for later tonight.

And after looking at that reuben fattie (sorry can't remember who made it now) I'm thinking that some of my leftover smoked corned beef brisket would make an excellent version of that fine thing.

Just thoughts.

But I suppose your leftover meals could just be posted in the appropriate room too. It's possible the leftover room will be filled with lots of shots of sandwiches.
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