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Weekend Smoke at the Lake

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Every Year for my wifes family reunion I get to cook, seeing as how I like to cook and for this event I don't have to buy the meat I really enjoy it that much more. But I ran into a problem this year, I used my big cooler ( the blue one ) for my beer and thus didn't remember to take very many pics so here are the only 2 of the smoking I got, hope y'all enjoy

This is my trailer set up with my Ok Joe

and this is the 2 14# briskets doing there thing

Again sorry for the lack of pics I will do better next time
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Those are some great looking briskets! Thanks for posting.

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Thise are some mighty fine looking briskets tx I'm sorry to I would have like to seen the finish Oh while there is always next time.
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Bet they were great...they sure look good!
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Excellent looking briskets! Too bad you didn't get the finished pics.
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Looks good. Thanks for sharing.
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Looks good. An Okie Joe in Texas...hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Get a buddy to take pictures while you guard the cooler!
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Great looking briskets. Like your set up too... bet it was a fun weekend! cool.gif
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Wow, I really like your trailer set up with those cool tables. Where'd you get them?

Your brisky's look fantastic too.
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The table I got at either Academy or Gander Mountain cant remember exactly which one, pretty neat..... most of the parts come off and it all folds up and fits in a carry bag. Makes for easy transport
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Nice looking setup on the trailer. I like the worktable on it. Good looking bark on the briskets. smile.gif
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Few pictures or many that was some beautiful looking brisket.
Great job, love the smoker.
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Good looking briskets. And don't worry, half the time I cook I don't think about the pictures till it is all gone.
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