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:tap,tap,tap: is this thing on?

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Greetings from Virginia. I've been "grilling" all my life it seems and my wife refuses to to go out to eat steak because she says nobody can make them as good as me... anyway, I just got a Royal Oak Offset Grill/Smoker and think I'm ready to venture into the smoking world.

I already signed up for the newsletter and the eCourse and am now busy reading old threads to learn from as many people as possible.

I am an old fashioned charcoal guy, I have refused to go Propane. For grilling I use Kingsford Mesquite exclusively, does that work for smoking too? or do I need something else?

Thanks for all of your advise and I look forward to earning my OTBS membership as soon as possible.
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welcome! you will be glad you came.
im not really a charcoal guy but there are plenty of folks here that will be able to tell you just what works best. it usually comes down to what you like best. stick with this place and you will be a pro in no time!
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Welcome to SMF...glad ta have ya here!
If Kingsford has been working for ya so far, I see no reason to change now...just add some wood chunks and you should be set. Looking forward to seeing some q-view.
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It sure is. smile.gif Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the family, glad you found us.

I'm not much of a charcoal guy either but I am sure someone will come along that can help.

Good Luck and happy Smokes
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Welcome aboard. Kingsford briquettes will work, but one thing to keep in mind is briquettes will produce quite a bit of ash over a long smoke. You will have to clean ash out of the firebox a few times over a long smoke to help air flow. You might want to look into natural lump charcoal. It burns hotter and produces much less ash. Then add wood chunks of your choice for flavor. Remember to take a few pics next time you fire it up-we love the qview.
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Welcome to the SMF! We're glad you found us. I agree with the previous post ..... natural lump with wood chunks works best for me. Hotter and less ash. But as has already been said, it's what works best for you that counts. You might want to give the lump charcoal a test run to see what you think.
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Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see some qview!
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Welcome to the forum. It won't be long and you'll be smoking like a pro.
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