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Critter problem

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I planted my herbs yesterday.
I live in the city and as usual I put the herbs in flower boxes on the railings of the back porch.
I put in Parsley, chives, basil, oregano and Rosemary.
Well, it looks like a squirrel has been at the basil.
Any ideas on how to keep them away?
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There are a couple of things you can try. If you can stand the smell, you can put a couple of moth balls near the basil plants. Not sure how well it works though, there's mixed reviews.

The deterrent I use is called Squirrel Away. It is a powder that is made from hot peppers. I have only used it on bird seed to keep the critters out but I don't see why you couldn't mix a bit in liquid, let it sit a while, strain it and then spray it on the basil. It washes off in the rain so you would need to apply it again. Just a word of caution on using the stuff, it is potent.

One other thing, believe it or not some squirrels are pepper heads. icon_lol.gif I've got one who will eat the seed anyhow, run to the birdbath for a drink and then go back for more seed. icon_rolleyes.gif
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I heard they don't like garlic, but I can't say for sure....I won't mention a common lead product that works real good but sort of loud in residential settings :)
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This may sound weird, but I learned it long time ago and have used it with success in the country. In the city, the critters may be much more used to "human" smells, so it may not be as effective. Dunno, try it out and give us some feedback.

In the morning take 2 or 3 adult vitamin pills. One-a-day is fine, or any single vitamin group (B is best) that is water-soluble. Drink a cup of coffee with them. A couple hours later start drinking beer. About 4-6 hours from ingesting the vitamins, collect your urine in a gallon milk jug.

Sprinkle this around your garden, or potted plants, as the case maybe. After a minute the scent is gone for us humans, but remains strong and will keep deer, rabbits, foxes, racoons and other critters away. I used to run a thin stream of this stuff around the perimeter of my garden and Presto! 99% of the veggie-thievery stopped.

Good luck on your critter-control.
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at least it will be fun
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I use a Beeman .22 cal pellet shooter for unwanted critters. Even works on the muskrats in my pond. Other than that, "eye of newt, swamp water, etc".biggrin.gif
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I wish I was that handy to build one of those!
It does look like fun.
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Don't give them a chance to get the Munchies...

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They could have at least yelled PULL !! LOL
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