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London broil fajitas, short ribs & abts

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My first London broil smoke and I'll definitely be doing that again! I marinated the LB in mojo for about 8-10 hours first. I also picked up a small pack of beef short ribs and marinated them in Chiavetta's (not sure how many have heard of this marinade because I don't see much mention of it, but it's a vinegar-heavy marinade that is really great on beef, pork or poultry). Finally, put together some ABTs for a premeal snack....OK, the good stuff, here's the Q:

Here's the smoker loaded. I used about a half cup of red wine and some water in the water pan...

My wife is not big on jalepenos, so she got herself a poblano and stuffed it with sauteed onions, a strip of bacon and some cheese. I did hers on the grill, because she was wary of smoking it. I have to admit, it was incredible and we'll definitely do it again...

Finished ABTs and poblano...

After the LB & ribs hit 135* (the ribs took about 30 minutes longer than the LB), I seared them on the grill with some locally-grown corn...

The sliced LB...

Table set, time to dig in...

A prepped fajita with some pico de gallo & guac...

OH - and we had this watermelon & pickled onion salad- I highly recommend it - the recipe can be found here:

Hope you enjoyed the photos, & thanks to those who offered advice on my questions about this smoke - the folks on this forum are so helpful.
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That's what I'm talkin' about! Damn drool on the keyboard again!
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Great looking meal. I haven't tried the London broil yet but after seeing yours, I'll be getting some.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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very nice, I like the looks of the Problano ABT's. gotta try that.
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One heck of a spread there. Love the Abt and poblanos (great idea) that pickled onion sounds really good too special for me.
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Beautiful food! That is a nice smoke. Plus, that corn looks sssooo good. We have to wait a few more weeks here before we can get the good stuff.

Thanks for the q-view. Making my stomach growl.
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Great looking spread - Nice job on the qview! Makes me hungry just looking at it!
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Thanks was tasty. Yeah, ISUtrout, I'm a big fan of fresh corn and the heart of our season is probably June, so I'm loving it right now. The poblanos were good, next time I'll try a couple with smoke for sure.
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Looks great meatball. All of it. The poblanos looked killer.
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Another killer looking meal here at the SMF. Nice job. Points to ya!
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Everything looks fantastic!!
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Looks great meatball...Can I fire up the smoker at 11:39PM?
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Great job meatball!
As soon as I looked at that salad recipe and saw it also had feta I knew I had to try it.
Tomatoes in the pico look beautiful, mind sharing your recipe?
Love pico and I'll have an abundance of tomatoes this season.
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Man...all that cheesy goodness on the poblano...and that fresh corn...and that cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale....and the beef...and wow what a dinner-table you set up....Dang! You did outstanding meatball! Points for an awesome meal and real nice q-vue points.gif
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The pico recipe we use is nothing earth-shattering. My wife makes it. She says she uses equal parts diced tomato and sweet onion, a handful of cilantro and sometimes a half a jalepeno diced real small, if she thinks she's up to the heat. Since we had ABTs this weekend, we skipped the chile in the pico and it was really just the tomato, onion, cilantro combo.

BTW, Fire it up, I'm originally from Jersey - I grew up in northern Jersey, near NYC. I'm convinced you can't find a tomato as tasty as a Jersey tomato anywhere else in the world, so I'm really jealous of your "abundance of tomatoes this season"!!! icon_razz.gificon_razz.gif
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Great smoke Meatball....lovin that London Broil!!!
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Congrats on a great smoke, and thanks for the Q View too. London broil is a versatile cut. Some folks slice it up for fajitas and some folks slice it for jerky. I enjoy that particular cut, it's easy to work with, and is a tasty amd moist cut.
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Man that looks great! It looks like our late summer meals here in Iowa with the fresh garden veggies and the sweet corn. I hate to see the end of summer come but I do enjoy the produce!
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