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Sunday's Rib Smoke

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Yesterday a friend of mine helped me with some minor welding chores. I promised him some I smoked a rack for him this afternoon. I thought I'd practice posting views as well as practice my smoking technique.

Here's the end product:

I foiled these ribs. Next smoke will be unfoiled. I'll also try to take better pictures....Thanks for looking. I hope everyone has a productive week. :>)
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dang those look like some meaty ribs dog!!! look pretty tastey too!!!
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Looking good my friend, keep it up!
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Sounds like a good deal to me. Some work for some tasty Q.
Nice job!
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These were only the second set babybacks I've smoked. Most of the time I've been smoking spare ribs which I trim St. Louis style (thanks SMF).....and I've learned to stay away from any "enhanced" babybacks. Boy....I like this forum...great place to hang out and learn.....
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Those are some great looking ribs, Dog! Thanks for the pic.
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Got any other chores I can help out with? Looks like your friend was paid well for his efforts.
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Looks good, man...they sure are meaty ribs. Looking forward to hearing your final verdict on foiled vs. un-foiled.
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Real nice lookin ribs dog...thanks for the pic!!
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those are some good looking ribs. I bet your friend is going break something around your house so he can stick around and help you again. I would
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Hahaha! Classic mballi!!

Those ribs look really tasty Dog! Thanks for the post. I've never trimmed ribs St. Louis style (honestly, I don't really know what it is). If you have a sec, could you pass on a bit more info about it?

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Those are some pretty meaty and very nice looking ribs, poi dog! Wow, I need to be paid like that when I help friends out icon_lol.gif
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Hi ISUTroutBum,

If you look under the Pork Thread, there is a Sticky that has all about trimming St. Louis Style. There are much folk there who explain it more clearly than I ever could. I think someone on there posted a link with pictures too....that's how I picked it up.

I've found that the trimmings can be used a variety of ways....For me I use the trimmings to make a Filipino dish we call Adobo..... I like to drip some of the Adobo fat onto hot rice, add some salt, and eat the rice along with the pieces of meat. Others just put rub on it and toss em into the smoker to serve as the "cook's fingerfood" to go with beverage when smoking. PS..thanks for inspiring me to smoke some salmon a few weeks ago. I had a bit left over, so I made a sandwich spread with it. I had smoked salmon sandwiches for lunch for a few days....They were great.
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Sorry Old poi dog - I just saw this response! Better late than never. icon_smile.gif

Thanks for the heads up on the sticky.

Also, I'm glad you liked the salmon!!

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