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Warm smoke: Sirloin Tip, Cube Steaks, Franks- Q-view

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I got home form work today with 2-1/2 hours of daylight left. What shall I do the remaining light and beautiful weather...hmmmmmmmmmm...SMOKE!!!!!!!!

I had a Tip and 4 Cubes thawing for a couple days just waiting for a moment like this, so, off to the charcoal grill I went. All of these items tonight are first smokes for me...they should be a tasty treat!

Left are Lemon-Pepper Cubes; center are Crushed Red Pepper and Cajun Cubes; right are the El-Cheapo Franks and the Lemon-Pepper Sirloin:

Into the grill with the smoke/coal can mod:

1 hour and it still has that nice savory Hickory smell wafting out the vent:

Puppy Dogs are starting to color nicely, steaks are slowly heating through, should be some good penetration of smoke:

A snack for the chef while he waits for the smoke---last night's Chicken Fajita from the Can-Butt-Bird smoke a couple days back:

The sun's going down, so I'll get some pics of the coals in low light again while I do the sear...

Back with more later.

Thanks for peekin'!

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Can't wait to see what you think of the different rubs.
Love crushed red pepper but the lemon pepper is looking mighty tasty.
Be sure to keep us updated! And points for the nice leftovers snack, I love some fine smoked left overs for a quick meal or snack.
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Smoke and Sear is finished

Yet another succesful story...this can mod works for everything I've tried so far. Total smoke time on this was 90 minutes, and I still had some hickory left in the can when I pulled it, so it stayed in the grill for the finish.

Getting ready to pull the smoke-can and add another 1# of hot coals for a sear---I need a bit hotter fire for the Sirloin Tip so I get a good sear:

Time for searing:

Dogs are out, Tip is on the hot spot with the cubes crowded in:

Onto the Q-Tray:

The reverse side of the Tip; it was 152-155* internal when I pulled it:


Puppy Dogs...these are actually quite tasty:

Sirloin Tip cut test after about a 5 minute rest; just right for me:

We haven't started plating anything yet, and the Puppy Dogs are disappearing FAST!!!!!!!!!!!:

Since I had a camera handy, here's a view from one of my decks on this fine evening:

Thanks for checking out my quickie smoke!

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Love that Qtray Eric, reminds me of many a psychedelic evenings in my youth.
Would almost make me hungry, if I weren't going to bed in 5 minutes to get up in 4 hours.
Heck, maybe I'll leave the page open and look at it in the morning to get me going.
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Thanks, Fire it up!

The Cajun/Crushed Red Pepper is GREAT!!!!!

I must say, for an all around store bought seasoning, Lemon-Pepper is good on anything (poulty, pork, beef, seafood, fish). It has onion & can you go wrong?!?!?! LOL!!!!!!! We've been using Tone's for about 5 years now, and I don't know, but, it seems to be less salty than other brands, so were sticking with it.

I got hooked on the Cajun about 6 years ago, and it is one of my favorite seasonings for alot of different foods. I even make a wicked Cajun Vegetable stir-fry dish. Hey, maybe I'll post that up with a q-view coming up soon...been dying for that stuff...been about a year since I made it...its time!

Thanks again!

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Nice qview Eric, looks great, thanks for sharing.
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Looks great, Eric. Glad you were able to sneak a smoke in. smile.gif
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Great looking Q there eric. Nice job and love that sun set. reminds me of the ocean front growing up.
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