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Thanks Ron. Hope this clears up this confusion of which is the newer model and which has the better wiring.
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Just bought the 40 inch MES today from Sams. The boot grooves run horizontal. From what I had read earlier thought I got an old one. Well maybe I didn't. Curious to see your email reply Ron.
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This is what I got today. from Kim.
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That doesn't say much other than they switched factories and they didn't have 100% failure from the old factory.

They only have a 90 day warranty but perhaps they indicate here that if there is a failure they will attempt to work something out.
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According to this you're good for 3 yrs + 90 days Right?
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I just purchased mine this week as well, and my front feet have the groves that go around the rather then go up and down.

So I wonder if I have one of the new ones or the old ones. When I broke it in it had some issue's with heating fully. I just wrote it off due to the fact I was running an extension cord to it. I now plug it in directly and still not heating like I would like it to.
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Yep! I cooked chicken qtrs today. My first smoke with the MES. I also did some Zucchini.

the built in meat thermometer doesn't work. push the button and all I get is dashes. PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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Call Kim In CS at 1-706-256-3942, tell her Ron sent ya.icon_lol.gif Have you tried to reset it? I would do that first.

Good luck.
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Reset? How?... never mind. Found it and I still get the dashes when pressing the meat thermometer.
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Unplug it for a minute or 2.
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didn't work. I will leave unpluged till morning and give them a call. I assume when you push and hold the meat button a temp is shown. I just show dashes.
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Yep it should show the temp of the meat.
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Still in the process of getting another temp. probe. Has anyone determined how accurate the one is on the MES 40" ? Thanks
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thanks for the number Ron. She is shipping me a new meat probe... 3-5 days should be here
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