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Pork Pibil

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Well I was inspired by a post that I saw on here and decided to try this pork pibil.

Here are my starting ingredients for the marinade:

Here they are mixed together:

Here is my 8 1/2 pound pork butt:

Here it is after I scored the pork butt:

Here it is rubbed:

I put this in the smoker at 11 PM Saturday night. Smoker temp at 187 till 9AM then I jacked it up to 225. Right now it is noon and the internal temp is 181. Shooting for an internal temp of 205, I have sprayed it down twice with a Captain Morgan and apple juice mixture. In fact, I think I will do it again now. I will have more pics a little later.
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Looking good so far. We're waiting patiently for the final pics.
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You have a plan going well~ looking forward to your pics! Keep us posted....
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Looks good so far Visilor.
I don't know if the post you referred to was my puerco pibil thread or not but if so I am happy that I could inspire you to give it a go.
With such a long smoke I hope you are spritzing yourself with a little liquor too.
Good luck.
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That's looking sweet. Keep us updated.

Where you from? I see all the Hy-Vee labels.
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Independece, MO

Well, here it is 3PM and it is finally 200 degrees, so I pulled it out:

Then I wrapped in Aluminum foil and a towel and put in a cooler for about a two hour rest:

Plan on using the bear claws to shred it up, will post more then.
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