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First ABTs

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I made about 20 new "best friends" last night at the lodge. icon_lol.gif

I need to pick up some big toothpicks. I had to fish a few pieces of bacon out of the smoker's water pan and people pick them up by the bacon and leave the jalapeno behind on the serving tray.

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Nice first run! I haven't seen the spinach and artichoke cream cheese before.

I'll have to send my wife on a mission next time she trucks on up to Kroger.
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Nice job on the ABT's....Never seen that flavor of cream cheese either.
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It's good stuff! Next run I think I'll try the sun dried tomato cream cheese and add some fresh basil. I think the wife said she saw some smoked salmon cream cheese too.
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Congrats on your first try at those tasy treats. Bring 'em On!
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Search for a store near you.

Select Product Type: Cheese

Select Product Category: Philly

....then go from there!
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Great job on the abt's their really good too
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Amazing how many friends you make after taking ABTs anywhere - those look great, nice job.
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Dems a fav here as well. Nice job.
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Great looking abts, nice job!
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Way to go!! Nice first go!
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Great looking ABT's Dhunter tongue.gif
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