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You should be fine. NO Worries!
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Waaay salty....

...pulled my slabs out of the reefer today, been curing for 7 days now....took one and rinsed real well, sliced off a little and fried...good taste but too salty - even for a mongoose....the're soaking in ice water now, hope a few water changes will leech some salt out.. I may have ruined the whole bunch by putt'n more TQ on than I should have...well, live and learn....I'll just blame the wife I guess....
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They are not ruined. Quarter some taters raw and put in the water. They will help pull the salt out. Change water every 30 mins or so and in 1.5 hrs do another fry test. Keep this up till ya get what ya want. All will be fine!
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Slabs were too salty....

..till I took your advice...the spuds & cold water changin's did the trick...thanks for helpin' out.
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Curing pork belly?

Ya know, I've been wondering why we cure pork belly and don't cure anything else - pork loin, butts, stuff like it because we tend to keep bacon longer in the fridge or what? I know about being careful with botulism & tricinosis(sic)....but, why don't the other cuts need precaution as well?
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There are many answers to that question.

You cure to save and store meat.
You cure to cold smoke the meat in the danger zone (40-140 degrees).
You cure for added flavor and texture.

I am reading Great Sausage Recipes and Meat curing by Rytek Kutas and have learned so much. Good read if you have the chance.

Currently I am curing 10 # of loins for a weekend smoke.
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I started looking for it in little grocery stores where ever I go and actually found some in two little towns in Missouri that I would never have expected it to be. Might try some of the little stores in rural areas where people still cure meat. The Morton locator didn't show either store that I found that carried it. I found it in one little store for $3.89 a bag. If I run out before I can get out somewhere and get more I just order it off the internet. Might get with someone else that needs some and order a case and split it. Helps with the shipping.
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Uncured pork is green pork. Cured pork changes the texture and flavor of the pork into more of what most folks know as ham. Technically... ham has to come from the rear end of the pig. You can cure a butt... from the shoulder and it will give you the taste and flavor of ham. Another reason for cure is the length of time it takes to smoke... or if you are cold smoking a piece of meat (bacon) and you never reach cooked temp. If I'm going to make buckboard bacon and smoke it for 5 or 6 hours it needs to be cured first. Uncured meat should never be used if the temp of the meat is above 40 and below 140 for over 4 hours. If you are going to be in this danger zone... meat must be cured. Cured meat takes on an entirely different flavor and texture.... cure a brisket... you got corned beef. I've enjoyed the experimentation of cured meats as much as the challenge of learning to smoke. Its a lot of fun to see what all you can come up with.
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I get mine at a small store grocery called Brookshiers. I thought they were over charging me at 3.75.
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I can get Morton's TQ here in Kansas City so if anyone is having a hard time finding it let me know and we can work something out with me sending it to you.

It costs me $3.55 + tax.

Flat rate priority mail will hold a bunch and I believe the rate is $9.85
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I think the only place to get it here in Hawaii is on the Big Island where Tomtom lives. Lucky for me I've got family on the island.
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Tendewr Quick

You can get Tender Quick at butcher-packer supply co. They have all you need for smoking or curing meat
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You can get it from Butcher Packer:

I use DQ pink curing salt #1 myself and add my own salt and sugar. Either way it comes out the same; you want to use a salt/sugar brine with curing agent.

There's not a part on the pig that we didn't cure and smoke, from the hooves to the ears and everything in between! Some hams and bacons in a holding cooler:

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Looks like I have 7 stores near me according to Morton's site selling TenderQuick! Now if I can only find some pork bellies somewhere... :/
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Damn Pops, looks like someone is going to have a Picnic (No Pun Intended, Well Maybe a little. LOL)

That is a lot of ham and bacon, looks good though...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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