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Got a new grill yesterday

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Yesterday, my landlord and I went to Lowe's to get some stuff for one of his rent houses. They had a stainless grill sitting there "as is". I asked my mom (she is the plumbing manager) "how much they want for it?". She calls the manager and he says $100. So my landlord bought it for me.
Someone bought it and brought it back, because the thermometer doesn't work. Who needs a thermometer in a grill? I cooked fajitas on it last night. Works good. Here is a link to the grill. It was $299 regular price.
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Congrats on the new grill. You've got a great landlord. smile.gif
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Oh heck yesss! Great score! And I"m sure you're gonna have to pay him back in good grub fixed on it!
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Good to hear form you Chris, and congrats on the new grill. SS is the way to go.
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Yeah, my first SS and I like it. I am smoking a brisket and 2 slabs of BB ribs right now in the smoker. I am going to clean the grill in a bit. Wanted to check on here real quick.
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Sweet Score.
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Nice score, Chris. That's a nice find, especially during these times! Been a while since seeing you on the forum, good to see ya again!
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Congrats on the new grill Happy smokin.
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Nice Grill, Chris. My Landlord (Wife) says "NO MORE GRILLS OR SMOKERS"... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Great score on the grill. $200 cheaper all because of such a little issue, you can't beat that.
Are those pics in your webshots tattoo album of you? If so that's some really nice ink.
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It is always nice to hear when people do nice things for others. Rem. your turn will come to "pass it forward", do it x2 to enrich more lives and it will sweeten your spirit as well.
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