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Ribs,brisket,turkey...oh my w/ qview

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Morning guys, I have a big feast planned. The family requested not alot of pork since they ate on the 13lbs from last week until yesterday. So now i have my first brisket, a boneless turkey breast, and two racks of baby backs i bought from a restaurant supply store. I am also thinking of doing some sausages as snacks for me during the day.

More to come as the day progresses
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looking great so far.
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Looks good. What wood or woods will you be using?
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I have hickory, cherry, and a little pecan. I need to find a good source for more pecan, we do not have much of that in indiana.
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Let me know when you get it done, I'll hop on 46, and be there in 2 hours. :) Oh wait, I'm smoking today too.
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Looks like a great start, keep us posted my friend.
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Looking good. Price of brisket ie ridiculous isn't it.
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Good looking start there.
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Sounds like a great menu, and of course you should throw some sausages for snacking.
Thumbs up for throwing on a turkey breast, those things are sooooo good.
Good luck, looking forward to the end result.
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I did throw on 8 sausages from a pig we butchered earlier in the year. Idont think i will be able to eat tonight... I keep snacking.
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ribs troubles

One thing i have noticed with the ribs i bought from gordon foods no matter what i try i cannot get much pull back maybe like an eighth of an inch if that. this is the second time i have done these ribs. any suggestions?
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how many times have you spent all day cooking and when it's time to serve your not hungry. It happens to be aot when grilling a big dinner. but it looks like a great start i'll have to check back to see the finish products.
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Final Q view from this weekend...

Ribs...I guess i got more pull back than i thought i had. I finished these off with a mopping of my cherry habanero sauce i made earlier in the day.

Turkey breast, i rubbed with evoo and some fresh cracked pepper,garlic,and a little brown sugar.

Brisket, it took a long long time, i put it on early morning it stalled at 155 for about 4 hours or so then started climbing up. it was dinner time and i had to slice it. It was a little tough still, but next time i will start earlier. I was not satisfied with the bark. Now i have the left over on the smoker making some burnt ends for dinner.
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Great looking feast. Sorry the brisket wasn't as perfect as you' hoped. Aww shucks, guess you'll have to try again.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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