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Chicken Quarters on the Drum

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Finally got around to firing up the drum again. Nothing spectacular, just a few chicken leg quarters rubbed with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub.

The Sweet and Spicy rub is pretty good on lots of things. Even popcorn.biggrin.gif

I peeled the skin back and put the rub under the skin.

Here they are on the drum.

Pretty much filled up a whole rack.

Here they are about an hour in.

And here they are in the foil pan ready to go in the house.

Pretty low stress cook . . . wouldn't even call it a smoke. Didn't add any smokewood to the Kingsford Comp charcoal. Just lit it up and let them cook. Pretty tasty dinner with some corn on the cob.

Thanks for looking.

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Love those chicken quarters! Great job Dave
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Hey DDAve, that's some real nice leg-quarters. I'm looking at the spice website link and I might order some. Thanks for posting!
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Those look really good, Dave.
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Nice lookin bird parts dave!
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Simple works too, Yum.
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nice quarters there dave!!! looks like great eats!!!
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Congrats on a nice smoke, and thanks for the Q View too.
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Sure looks good Dave, man am I hungry .

I did a bunch of those yesterday for my twin nephews party.
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