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Butt . . . ugh, yuuummmmm!!!

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Hey All,

Smoked a butt yesterday. Here is the recipe:

1 cup pickle salt
1 cup brown sugar (I hate the suger, but Mama likes, so c'est la vie!)
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp crazy mixed-up pepper
2 tsp cayanne
water to cover
in the fridge overnight

3 1/2 tbs crazy mixed-up pepper
2 tbs spanish paprika
2 tbs ground mustard
2 tbs cayanne
2 tbs onion powder
2 tbs garlic powder
2/3 cup brown sugar

After it hit 100 degrees internal, I mopped w/2/3 apple juice and 1/3 Sailor Jerry's Rum (cherry flavor . . . awesome!!!)

Smoked w/1/2 cherry 1/2 pecan at 225* for 10 hours. When at 165, pulled and foiled, and put in the oven until it hit 195. After that, into a cooler w/towels overnight.

Here's the pics:

The brine

1/2 way

About to pull it

After the cooler rest


1/2 pulled, 1/2 left whole for tailgate chilli (I'll freeze the pile in the bag and then come Fall, cut it up for chilli for an Iowa State game! :)

Que (w/mama's homemade sauce [Carolina style . . . heavy on the vinegar, light on the sugar . . . SICK good!!!!]), fried oyster mushrooms (btw - for the 'shroom lovers among us, taste almost like morels if fried in butter n' crackers!!), and potato salad . . . eatin' like a god!

Thanks for looking!!!

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That's something I've not tried yet, brining then rubbing a butt. Definitely printing this one out as I'm going to try this and see what my taste buds think icon_confused.gif
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Nice job Troutbum. Some good sammies there.
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Nice smoke, thats a truly awesome smoke ring you got there.

I have never brined a butt then smoked it, might have to give it a try.
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The Gods are diffinanly with you with that great meal.
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Fine looking butt Trout! I've never brined one either. But that looks delicious. I'll be over for that chili when the Clones play the Hawks!

Points for the brine, sweet ring and a successful smoke.

Good job man!
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Excellent looking pork! I'll also have to try the oyster mushrooms. Thanks for the pics.
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Really Nice Troutbum! Awesome looking smoke ring on that butt. I Might try the brine too, just to see what I'm missing. Super looking meal (and it is the ONLY way to make chili IMHO!).

Points from me on this one! points.gif
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That looks delicious. Nice job.
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Nice! I haven't done a butt yet, but I can't wait.
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Much thanks to all of you for the comments and points. I really, really appreciate it.

I would love to claim that I'm the originator of the butt brining, but as we all know, there is really nothing new under the sun. I had surgery a couple weeks ago and just had to lay around day after day, so the boob tube was pretty much stuck on FoodTV and I saw Alton Brown do it. I thought, "Hm, if he's doing it there has got to be some benefit?" There definitely was. The connective tissue really broke down nicely. One of the most tender butts I've ever done, so points for Alton!! I'm also wondering if it may have aided in the smoke ring. I am absolutely no chemist, but that was one of the better rings I've had on a butt, so it got me wondering. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Be fun to find out.

BBQ Engineer - I COMPLETELY agree w/ya. Smoked meat chili is the only way to make chili! It's always a big hit at the tailgates.

Bassman - if you like morels, the flavor is very similar, and the texture of the brown oysters (there are lots of different varieties) is almost identical. There is a guy at the Farmers Market who raises and sells them, and they are beautiful and cheap! I just melt a couple of sticks of butter in a pan, dip them in egg and saltine crackers that I've pulverized, and fry 'em up.

Dude - I'll let ya know about that tailgate party. However, if you're an Iowa fan, there is absolutely no cheering for the Hawks allowed in my house. LOL!

Again, thanks to all for the nice responses. Really made my day!!!

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Real nice job on the butt...plated pic looks wonderful!!
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Your sure putting out some good looking grub! Congrats!
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Then there probably isn't much cheering at all.

Just teasing. I cheer for the Clones too.
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Hahaha! Right on . . . unfortunately, you are correct! I too cheer for the Hawks, just so long as they are not playing ISU.
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