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Two Chickens, Three Lemons and Hickory

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Wonderful sunny day today....Smoker Time!

Got two different birds. Tyson "Young Roaster" and a MBA Brand "Smart Chicken" (air chilled type). The smart chicken was already trussed; I put hock-loks on the Tyson bird. Rubbed with Lemon Pepper, regular Coarse Ground Black Pepper, and stuffed with half a large lemon each. The other lemons are for later....

Into the smoker with hardwood lump and local hickory. Running TBS just fine at 300 F. Put a new badge on the smoker, it's on the lower Right Hand corner of the lid-

Here's a closeup of plate, made from leftover stainless steel. Thanks y'all for accepting me into the Order!

Here we are at halftime. An hour and 15 into the smoke, looking good-

Here we are at 2 hours, almost done. Added the two sliced lemons onto the grill at this point.

All done...180 F internal (thighs) and 170 (breasts). Juicy. Skin is perfectly crispy. Hot lemons inside juicing with the fat- mouthwatering :

Sliced up and ready to go for dinner. Hot grilled lemon squirted over meat made for fajita heaven-

Thank you for looking at my cooking. I appreciate the time you spent, and look forward to viewing some of yours!
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Nice job Rivet. Looks great. Send me some.
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Looks great. Did you brine your birds or just rub and smoke?
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nice job rivet like your little tag on otbs & qview
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Thus are some nice looking birds there rivet. Your one of my heros one of the 170 or so(OTBS)
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That badge makes for a COOL addition to your smoker, and a good show of pride in your accomplishment.

The birds are beautiful! Funny that you're eating it as a fajita, as we are doing the same dish tonight with a near whole leftover bird from my twin chix, and some beef for the same. I can smell it already! Now I'm REALLY hungry!

Nice job Rivet!

Have a great weekend!

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Rock On Man!....Nice!
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Excellent looking birds, Rivet! Kinda makes me wish I hadn't had those two hot dogs for dinner.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Hey y'all thanks for the compliments! I am very proud to be a member of the SMF and to have been accepted into the OTBS. That badge I put on my smoker is a reminder for me to teach and share my skill.

~Shawnr5, no I don't brine my birds. I have never brined anything and have never thought I needed to and that has been reenforced by those thousands eating my food over the years.

I will admit, though, that since I have been a part of the SMF, all these "briney" people have gotten to me and I am curious as to what it is all about. Will I break? Will I cave? Will I brine? stay posted...................

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i'm curious also. Does brining really change the taste a lot?
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Man...I never brined. Tried Tip's Slaughterhouse, Yeah Man! Have changed a few things in it but basicly stays the same. It is more moist. Ask Louie!
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Cajun - definitely try the brine on your next chix smoke. If ya smoke two of them at a time, brine one and not the other to give yourself a taste test. What's fun about brine's is that they are extremely adaptable to your taste buds and allow you to add or subtract anything ya want.

Rivet - excellent looking smoke ya got going on, and I'm really impressed with the OTBS logo! Points for the creativity alone!
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Them some right nice lookin birds! Course, they'd been better brined!
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Sick dude!!!!


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Bump....That chicken looks awesome.Your new tag is high speed.Thanks for your help and q-view.I never brine roasters ,but brine or marinate chicken parts on occasion.
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great job and come beautiful birds!
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That is some great looking chicken. I love the tag on the smoker. If I'm ever lucky enough to be admited into The Order, you'll have to make me one. :)
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Really nice lookin pair o' birds Rivet....another example of your fine smokes! Proud to have been inducted into the OTBS along side of you!
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Awesome job on the birds rivet
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Nice badge. It has got me thinking about a little engraving on the Wu-Tang shield on my UDS. I also never used to brine my birds until reading more on it here. Give it a shot, like sumosmoke said-maybe smoke 2 but only brine 1 for a taste test.
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