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Beautiful day here in NE Florida..So why not smoke some meat !!

Ribs ready to go on...

Fattie #1 is 1lb JD reg sausage mixed w/ 1/2lb of JD hot..Going inside is canadian bacon-ham-turkey-wisconsin sharp and vermont cheddar..

second fattie will have scrambled egg w/japs and ham-- topped with the same cheese blend

Fatties on with sausage for sausage dogs as a chef snakicon_lol.gif

ribs after about an hour and a half....
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Had some boneless/skinless chicken breast that marinaded overnite in chipoltle ..Wrapped em in bacon and threw them on as well..

ribs foiled and back on w/ abt's

fatties-chickens and abt's

like i said, a beautiful day here.. 91 degrees
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Oh boy thats looking good, keep the Qview coming!
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Looks mighty tasty! Nice qview!
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looking mighty fine. nice set up.
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Looks stellar!
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On a roll can't wait for the finals. bytw lucky dogs biggrin.gif
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Looking good... waiting for the finished qview!
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Ok, finally done... I used the 3.5-1.5-1 method on the ribs.. I will now use that method everytime. Turned out awesome.Have a great weekend all and happy smokes !!!!

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Looks like it all turned out good!
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Nice job, Mike. smile.gif Everything looks delicious. The fatties sound awesome. I'll have to give the first one a try next time I make one.
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Yeah Man!........It's all good!
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Yup what everyone else said Mike, good smoke!!!
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Nice job Jax. What a feast. Points for you on this one.
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Nice smoke, Mike! Got alot goin' on there, and it ALL looks and sounds really good too!

Have a great weekend!

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I thought I smelled some TBS when I was picking up the wood today cool.gif . Looks like your Lang was filled to the brim, nothing better than a full smoker!! Nice grub!
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Yes the weather is great in northeast FL Thats some great looking food there. Who could ask for better than ribs, chicken, and then a fattie with abt's. Oh ain't it great to be a FLa Gator. We will be smoking in the morning, some whole chickens with a side of chuckies.
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