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Smoked bone-in pork loin W/ Q-view

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I was at the butcher last night, and was almost going to BB ribs again(I have done ribs every weekend for about 8 weeks now. Instead I saw some beautiful bone in pork loins. I had to get one a 5# loin was about $7.

I mixed some mustard and minced garlic last night, and rubbed the roast down with it, hoping for a crust with garlic in it.. Wrapped it and put it in the fridge.

This morning I added a dry rub to the loin, and am going to smoke it this afternoon after mowing the grass.

here is what I ahve done so far.

thanks for checking out my pics.
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Lookin' tasty so far! cool.gif
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Yup.....looking good so far. ....I hope mowing the lawn will not take too long. I'm looking forward to the final views.
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Fine lookin start there Jim. Looking for more qview later.
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almost to 150 degrees internal, gonna pull at that temp, rap in foil with applejuice, honey, etc, & put it back on the smoker for 45 mins th for about 45 minutes, and then pull and throw in a cooler til supper.

pics will probably be tomorrow, tequila, and beer have been flowing.
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that was some good pork. I took the temp to 150, pulled it and then tented it in some foil with honey, and apple juice. Put it back on the smoker until it hit 160. At that point I took it out of the foil, removed the water pan from the WSM, and crisped up the oustide for about 15 minutes over the direct coals. Turned out pretty good, moist, and alot of flavor.

thanks for looking.
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Sweet!! I've been think of doing a bone in one for awhile now, that looks really good.
About how long did it take to cook?
Thanks For the Q-view.
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I think it took about 4.5 hours total for the 5 lb. loin.
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Great pics, was it as moist as it looks?
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yes, very moist, and packed with flavor, I enjoyed working my way through each piece, and having a nice rib bone to chew on. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I have been cooking all my pork loins bone in. They are moister and more flavor. In my smoker I hang them on meat hooks and have no means for water. But now I have neighbors wanting me to cook them for their parties.
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Sounds great, I'll have to add that to my to do list. Thanks for sharing.
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