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Can-Butt-Birds, Beans & Taters for dinner- it's on now: Q-view

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I had 2-5lb thawing in my Q-fridge for a couple days. Put them into a cooler full of water this morning to finish the thaw, and got busy for a big dinner.

My smoke of choice: Cherry.

In each can:
2 med cloves garlic, sliced
3 Tbls yellow onion, rough chopped
4 dashes Red Wine Vinegar
6 dashes Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp Sesame Oil
3 dashes Soy Sauce
Water, fill can to 1/2 full

On Edit: Rubbed the birds with Oilive Oil to Hold the Rub.

The rub, an old reliable, pretty good for store bought:

Rubbed and wings/leg tips foiled:

Into the SNP @ 225* with the chef's snacks to the right (gizzards, livers, necks, hearts):

Taters are in after the first hour:

Back later...gotta get the beans started now.


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Looks good so far. Looking forward to the finish.
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Beans are in!

I made a variation of Dutch's recipe.

Move over Taters! Beans are comin' ta join the party!:

Happiness is a full smoker!:

I'm just playin' the waitin' game now...the cruise control is set...

Back later with the finale.


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Whoa!...that is a full load! Way to get after it! Nice!
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Nice job Smoke. What a feast. Looks awesome.
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Great looking meal Eric - Loads of good stuff there!
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Looks great, Eric. How did they turn out?
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looks great mite be time to get another smoker.
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Thanks Everyone!

Hey Dawn...not quite there yet. These are fairly large birds, so, it's going slow at the lower smoke temp. That's what I wanted though...it melts all the fat away and they should pretty much fall away from the bone once the skin is cut.

My internal probe was reading 155* just a few minutes ago, so I pulled the foil off of the legs and wings, and bumped the chamber temp up from 225 to 275* to brown and crisp the skin while the internal gets up to the finish point.

Here's where we are right now:

Be back after a few. Gotta make sure my big gas burner doesn't decide to go into melt-down mode, and I'll peek on skin and internal temps again.

Thanks again!

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Looks good Eric!!
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Looking even better Smoke.
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We're there!!!!!!!!!!!!

One bird had to stay for a bit longer to finish, which works out fine anyway.

This one's getting eaten as I post:

The Beans:

My Plate with a full breast, bone-in:

Good flavor all around. Beans are killer as always (Thanks to Dutch). I know now that it has been entirely too long since my last whole bird smoke! Delicious!

Thanks all!

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It all looks delicious, Eric. Nothing like a full smoker. smile.gif I see some jalapenos and abt's on the smoker in the beginning. What did or will you do with them?
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Looks fun

Happiness is a FULL smoker!
Nice job.

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Good looking feast Eric! Love the color on your birds!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hey Dawn. Thanks, yeah it was a pretty good load. What looked like ABT's was the chix necks, the Japs were whole smoked. Both were my cookin' snacks! I just felt the urge to play with a little bit of tonsil-fire.

Have a good one!

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Thanks! I still had a small GOSM for a back-up smoker. I almost started thinking about cranking it up when I crowded the beans into the SNP. Things got a little snug...but it all fit nice and cozy...no worries.

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Thanks Jeanie! I tried cranking my gas burner quite a bit to get the color a little darker...to the point that I started smelling hot paint on the sfb...oops! It takes quite a bit of BTUs to get that long cook chamber up anywhere near 300*.

I think this is the first time I've done birds on the SNP. Next time I'll try to run at 250-260* for the smoke and they should brown better. Overall it went pretty well.

The color on the cutting board is a bit skewed from indoor lighting, though they did come out nice and golden/light brown.

Thanks again, and have a great smokey weekend!

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Eric - I'm in love with the rotels you added to the beans, how did that make them taste? Would you add them again? Nice looking birds and the taters looked good too. Heck .. everything looked GREAT!!!
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Hey Laurel! Thanks! I've used that diced green chili/tomatoe combo several times in the past. Actually, I should have put at least 2 if not 3 cans in with that large of a batch. It's a great match with the cored Jalepeno. It adds just a touch more heat, and just to be able to tell the difference, I left the Japs in bigger pieces. It's a pretty distinct flavor difference. The tomatoes add a nice touch of flavor also. It has less sugars than ketchup, and I used about 1/3 as much brown sugar as normal.

I would recommend this if you're looking for something just a little bit different. Basically, you replace the ketchup with the rotel blend. There is certainly nothing wrong with Dutch's recipe...I love them beans!

Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!

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