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1st competition starts tonight!

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Luckily I was able to play hooky from work today. I still have long list of stuff to do, like make a few batches of sauce, etc. I had posted a link in the competition forum, Sedalia center. I think there are a couple memebrs fairly close by. Rocky Mount area possibly?

Anyhow, I plan on making 10 butts and a side of beans. My wife works with the guy's daughter who won people's choice last year. I had asked to how much food to be prepared for since the rules call for 5 GALLONS of finished que? WTF? Anyhow, he said 7-8 6lb butts and he is doing ribs! I thought I better at least do some beans to up the stakes a little. I plan on starting everything around 9-10pm tonight, foiling and letting everything sit foiled in a cooler and pull it as I need it.

Portions for the people's choice sampling will be small plastic cups (like slightly bigger than cough syrup cups), should last for 4-5 hours, and then the real judging will be turned in in a styrofoam cup, with a number on the bottom, hidden by a second cup. Judged meat will be turned in first while it's fresh. Very high tech system they've got goingtongue.gif

It is a small festival, and the judging isn't anything big. Hell, they haven't even mentioned health codes or anything of that nature, not that I am worried. I think common sense will be good enough.

We are camping there tonight in a buddies 24ft camper, have tents, maybe a wii with rockband, my maverick et73 (awesome for this), plenty of wood, and my new to me Lang 60. Should be awesome. I'll take plenty of pics and update this weekend.

I had come up with the name last year during my own personal economic pitfall/job loss:

"Rockbottom BBQ"

That's what we went with. I have a 3x5 banner, tshirts for the team, and some stickers if people want them.

Let's do this thing!PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Best of luck to ya!

I know you'll do SMF proud!!!!
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Good Luck! Let us know how you do. smile.gif
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Good luck! I think you will do well.
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Sounds like fun!! Kick some buttts!!!
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Good Luck...
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Go baby go! Best of luck!biggrin.gif
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That sounds like way to much fun. Camping, Q-ing, spending time with family and friends sign me up biggrin.gif Enjoy yourself. BTW like the name PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Do Well and have Fun!!!
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Good Luck,

be sure and let us know how it goes

You know we are nosy folks biggrin.gif
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There will be plenty of coverage. I picked up some BB's for the team to eat for lunch tomorrow. It's the LEAST I can do. Hopnig the rain holds off tonight, tomorrow should be 80 and clear, low humidity. Can't wait!

More to come...
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Good Luck!!!!
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Make us proud!
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Good Luck Pink! We're all pulling for you!
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Best of luck to you.

I am sure you will make everyone on here proud. I sure wish I knew of some close compitetions to northern Montana. Our Eagles chapter has a rib cookoff once a year and that is a blast. But other than that I theres just slim pickins. I sure wish we had more of these types of compitetions going on.
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Good luck on your first comp.

Swinging Meat....
Its not real close but Calgary has a large Q comp each year fairly close to Northern Mont. Not sure of the name of it or the dates though.
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Thank you for the kind words on my build...Good Luck Pink!...All the best
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Good luck and have some fun!!
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Good luck brudda, we all know you will do just fine!
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Good luck Pink and the Rockbottom BBQ!
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