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First Q'view

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well i have a pot luck tomorrow at work so i decided on ribs and beans. Here are the pics of todays Q.

Just getting started

About 3 hours in beans go on and ribs come off to get wrapped.

After unwrapping

Beans looking good

All done!!!

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Nice!!!!!! Nuthin' like Dutch's Beans to go with a good spares smoke!

Well done!

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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It all looks delicious.
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Good looking ribs and beans! BTW, that smoker looks waaaaay too clean.biggrin.gif
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I know I know but its only 2 days old what can i say? lol
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Nice job FatDadCD...looks great.
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Very nice looking Q, minor point deducted for having too clean a unit but still worth points. Congrats on your first Qview. Keep them coming. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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sweet - nice pics!
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That last view is the money shot!!! Nice smoke ring! Great smoke! Thanks for sharing.
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great lookin eats, way to go, and congrats on the new smoker!
Thanks for sharing,
aka Rocky
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Sweet looking Q. Good job.
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Congrats on the smoke, the smoker and your first qview. Very nice job. Hope everyone enjoyed it.

And to top it off since it was a company pot luck, I imagine everyone else just brought chips and store made chocolate chip cookies. LOL
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Nice! Congrats, and thanks for posting the pics! Looks great.

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Got any leftovers??? biggrin.gif
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Very nice. What was your wood of choice? The color of your ribs look like AB @@@@ @@@@ biggrin.gif
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