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88 Got it fer Nuthin!

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My bud/neighbor moved to Ft. Worth. The Penske was full when he left with his family. His son stayed behind to clean & paint. I asked Brandon what are ya doin with that. It got left no room Dad said leave can I have it? Load it up. Yeah Man! Got it to the house about 75 yards down the road. Louie said what is that? Just a smoker....Baby Got the look Thought you were working on a UDS I am. Another look. Anyway, it is solid no problemas...gonna clean it up & do the mods. Brinkmann Smokenpit I'll get the pic's as I go.

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Awesome deal, something great for nothing.
Nice golf kart too. Can I take her for a spin?
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Congratulations! Nice score. smile.gif
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nice find

you sure fell into a good one there.icon_lol.gif
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Nice, I like free.
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Very nice and great price biggrin.gif
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Congratulations on joining the SnP family! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah Man...come see us! We have a guest room & the kid's are gone except for when sumthin is Smokin!
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I like the price of that one too! I keep looking around here but no luck. Guess if I want another smoker, I'll just have to buy one. Great score.
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Nice job Mike....have me one of those and it works pretty good...Just picked up a free one also...Nice to get free stuff...
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Just cant beat free.
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Nice snag!
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Nice score. Free is always good.........
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Got one just like it,Was my Dads....It is one of my 5. What ya mean wife look....just took wife out to eat (Steak House) she told me I cook better, then for desert we when to Loew's for the rest of my drum parts....sigh,,,,and to meat market for loin and pork for bacon....icon_eek.gif free is always a good deal....good job man. Just got a webber from next door she 82 and gave me the webber cause it will look good in my she dont go hungry for que neaver good pricde
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Nice score!
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Can't beat that deal Mike...nice score!!!
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