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My "Score" On Wood

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Did a quick inventory of my wood stock, and it was severely low. I had bookmarked a site that was 30 miles from the house and decided to give them a look. Needless to say, I didn't come home empty handed. I won't be needing any wood for awhile, but since they were out of pecan, I guess I'll have to go back next weekicon_eek.gif. It basically broke down to 105 lbs for $94.61.

Weight wise it broke down as follows-Apple 22 lbs Red Oak 33 lbs Alder 20 lbs and the "deal" was the Orange 30 lbs @ no charge. Must have been my "sparkling" personalitycool.gif Did a quick weigh of each bag when I got home.

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Awesome! Glad it was worth your while. smile.gif
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Nice score Mikey. ever use orange before? Sounds like it would be a good wood..
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I personally have never used orange wood, but the friendly proprietor (owner) is a long time meat smoker and he told me that it's really good on poultry. I'm going to give it a go with the next yardbird or bird parts.
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Rock with it Mikey!......My mom hates it when Louie call's me Mikey! Orange is good! Hey...I'm not a Gator fan. Seminole.
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Wow! That is about all I can say!
Great score!
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Nice selection of wood congrats
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Good deal Mikey, report back how ya like the orange wood.
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Very nice score on the wood Mikey. I feel better now knowing that they pleased a customer/friend of mine. Smoke on Bro.
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Dang nice find. I would love to be able tyo find something like that here
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Great deal I wish they were in fla.
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Sweet deal Mikey, especially on the orange... But I'm not sure about the "sparkling" personalitycool.gif LOL
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Dan, you are absolutely correct. There's a reason it says "socially unacceptable" next to my girls.icon_lol.gif
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