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Eye of Round Roast-a Well done mistake

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A while back I found a deal on eye of round roasts, buy 1 get 1.
Smoked the first one up and was pleasantly surprised at how tender it came out.
So I thawed out the second one and injected it with Italian dressing

I strained the dressing through a metal coffee filter to remove any bits that larger bits that would clog up the injector.

Coated with an envelope of Italian dressing mix

Smoked over hickory at 230-240 until it reached 130

Covered it in foil and threw into a 450 oven to crisp up the outside and raise the temp to 140 is where the "well" done mistake comes into play.
Only meaning to leave it in for about 10 minutes I went back outside to the smoker. Music was on, drinks were flowing and people were chatting, I go back inside about half an hour or so later to refill my drink and as soon as I walked in I could smell the beef...I ran into the kitchen and grabbed it out of the oven cussing loudly the whole time.
After it cooled for a few minutes and I cut it fearing the worst...

NOOoooo.......Well done!!!
Now an eye of round can be very tender but are notoriously known as a tough cut when cooked to something say-well done.

I almost just tossed it but my brother-in-law suggested we slice it up and he would use the drippings to make a gravy and we'll see how it turns out.
So I sliced it up

Tried a piece in the gravy he had made

It was like an absolutely amazing and surprisingly tender smoked roast beef, we were going to have it on sandwiches or with mashed but just ended up throwing it all in the gravy and eating it just like that.

I was so happy it turned out, I would never ever cook it to well on purpose but thankfully it was a well done mistake that turned out pretty darn good.
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Cool...good salvage! Nice looking cross-section BTW! Glad it didn't get tough and dried out...been there a few times myself.

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Beut bummer

WEll for a botched I forgot to watch the clock fiasco.. it still has a remarkable smoke ring and would look good on any plate along side the masshers and aspergas. drinks and rock and roll always do that. OH WELL.. at least your not tring to un cook it.

Looks very yummy..
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Nice save, wonder if the injections saved the meat. Might have been pretty dry if you did not inject it. Points for the Save!!!
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That smoked ring looks like it was painted on. Glad everything turned out okay if not as planed
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Good to go! Sometimes our accidents are blessings in disguise-congratulations.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice save! Glad it turned out well for you. It looks great.
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I would eat that all week long. Nice job
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Glad you listened to your bro. I like most beef med rare. But I've also had some D*MN tasty well done beef too. Folks get carried away sometimes thinking that med or higher equals destroyed beef.
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I have one ziploc'd dry curing right now,
going to attempt pastrami with it.
Hopefully it wont be tough also.
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I did that a while back with a small beef roast, I cooked it to long ( while I napped in front of the tv. ) and over did it. But the smoker heat was at 225f so I treated it like a brisket and put it back in the smoker, foiled it for 2 hours after that and when it was at 190f, I pulled it out, sliced it about 1/2 inch thick and man was that good. Wife thought I had planned it. hee hee...tongue.gif
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Too bad you didn't have a meat slicer to shave it, you could have made french dip sandwices. But you did save it and that's all that counts. Good job.
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Doesn't look bad to me. I'd go a little pinker too. But overall that looks mighty darned tasty. And that ring! Holy crap that thing took more penetration than Jenna Jamison. Nice.
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NOW that's a smoke ring,,,, looks good,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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What he said X2.
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